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New rider, Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bretth, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. hi not much to say but the gist of it is , I just turned 51 and decided to get my RE open after having the learners licence sitting on my car licence for about 10 years and not doing anything about it , I did the q ride thing which was very interesting as I haven't ridden for 30 years , I'm looking at getting a zzr 250 for my first bike so far , purely to relearn riding techniques and to get used to general bike handling again , fun times ahead , lots of great info here for newbies like me , thx looking forward to a long stay

  2. Hi Bretth,
    Welcome to NR and back to bikes. I'm also in Brissy and just did the q-ride last weekend and bought my first bike during the week. Has been a fun time. Took first ride out to Cunungra yesterday and had a ball - got 250km on her so far. Wish you same fun once you've got your new wheels.

    Plenty of useful resources, advice and stories on NR for noobs like us.
  3. Welcome along bretth, I'm thinking we might have to have a Brissy NR ride soon.
  4. if slow wobbly noobs are welcome I'd be keen - as long as your not thinking the goat track or similar
  5. I don't care where or how far we go as long as everyone has a good time
  6. good time sounds good to me. I'm currently out in Redlands, but don't mind where we go. Reckon I can manage 2-300km. Did 100 odd km yesterday and was fine. Have a lot of free time at the moment, so could manage anytime pretty much.
  7. Rode up from Ipswich to Redlands and back yesterday. Not keen to do that again in a hurry. Ass feels like I have starred in a German porno, and right ear is still ringing from listening to the exhaust for two hours straight.
  8. Take the motorway or other roads? Anyway, I hope you didn't ride bareback! Can have all sorts of complications.
  9. This is too funny! I ride from Scarborough to the city and back each day, so an 80 k round trip.... I can totally understand the german porno comment! If I dont wear all my gear, my bum is numb by half way... but I wouldn't swap it for public transport... No sir!

    Also, keen on a ride around brissy!
  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. As a new rider and new back to Brissy also keen meet some folks to ride with (bikes that is - and not the town kind).
  12. You guys must have the wrong bikes or butts I can do 5 hours plus and not have any discomfort, I will be keen to go for a ride.
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  13. Seems a few folk around BrisVegas keen for organizing rides, so I'll start separate thread about it I think as we are hijacking Bretth's welcome post - Sorry Bretth.
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  14. didn't go the gateway. through toowong and inner city bypass and then past the airport and up. Gets too boring just sitting on 100 for an hour, plus tolls are a biatch
    I don't think it's my butt that's the issue. The KTM essentially has just stretched fabric as an excuse for a seat.
  15. I will be heading up for Harry's bike night at the start of next month
  16. Welcome aboard Bretth. I'm thinking of a casual pootle up to Dayboro and back on the weekend (weather permitting). Just an easy ride away from the suburbs without any serious twisties. Happy to have some company.