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New Rider ~ Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Muppy, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Hi there, I am a fairly new rider in the Brisbane area. I ride an MT-07 in yellow, it's pretty stock standard.

    I started riding about 3 months ago and have only been riding to get to work and back. I'm pretty keen to get out there on a couple of longer, twistier rides, however I would prefer to go with another rider as I have no experience and I'm quite nervous. I live in Narangba but I work on the Southside, around the bayside area. Let me know if anyone is keen for a ride.

  2. Welcome to NR

    Practise, practise and practise! The only medicine to being nervous! Read up (and/or watch videos) on cornering, body positions etc. and then Practise again.
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Hey dude I live in Nangars as well will let you know when I am going for a spin that's not to work.
  5. Welcome along !!! I live on the Southern bayside and work over the Northside LOL

    Jus take your time learning, ride to your ability.

    Don't practice being faster, practice being smooth, the pace will up itself.
  6. welcome to Netrider Muppy!
  7. Thanks everybody for the welcome.
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  8. you take the logan motorway to work? Had a very similar looking bike overtake me about a week ago. Seemed like it may have been in a rush
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  9. Nope, not me

    Yes, I would own up to it. This bike has only been along the Logan motorway once and that was east bound on a Sunday afternoon after a ride through the mountains. The shop had an identical demo one I almost bought, but I opted for the new one. I know the sales people loved to steal the demo when they could?