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New rider bought a Honda CB400

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by psychkiku, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just bought a Honda CB400 based on the review I read from this forum. I took dealer bike for a spin the other day and was pretty impressed. I am not an experienced rider but I have ridden before and from my previous experiences I have to say that this bike is probably going to be perfect for me.

    I just wanted to say thanks for all those members who took the time to comment with their thoughts and to let them know that after all the threads I have read I feel good about my purchase.

    I will keep you all posted as to my progress.

  2. no you haven't

    if you had there would be pictures in your post...
  3. Why would you post a reply like that. How would you know if I have or haven't. Not that I have to explain myself to you but for your information I pick it up tomorrow.

    Wow so far I have a pretty good impression of this forum.

    Thanks for making me feel sooo welcome.
  4. Chill newbie, the unofficial rule is that a new bike is not real until photos are up.

    Great bike and welcome to the nuthouse :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  5. Im fine just not in with the "unofficial rules" yet.

    Thanks for the welcome.
  6. ease up turbo!

    matti speaks the truth...slightly more elequently than me....sometimes:LOL:
  7. I see words but no pics. My head is swelling.
  8. Sorry Slick, I guess I was a little quick to jump the gun.
    When I pick it up tomorrow I will post a picture for you all.

  9. hooray!

    welcome to the forum
  10. Good choice :grin:

    I look forward to seeing the pics. Not as much as you obviously - I bet you can't wait for your bike to pop into existence! :p
  11. Welcome and congrats on your new bike, I wish I had the cash to buy one of those at the time I bought my bike. Did you get the ABS model? Make sure you get piccys up ASAP before Ktulu find this.
  12. Congrats mate. Great bike. I've got one my self. Check out this picture of my bike...

  13. Shittest thread ever.

    Put some pics up before Ktulu really gives you grief and makes you cry.
  14. Thats a better looking rear stand than mine. Well done :LOL:
  15. :LOL: :LOL: Slick

    Congrats psychkiku !
    PS: Beware the wrath of ktulu
  16. Thanks chris, I thought it was a great extra that came with the bike. Damn nice of the dealership to throw it in for no extra cost.

  17. Agree with all the above - and especially beware the dreaded ktulu... :p
  18. You guys have me worried now. I will post pics of the bike as soon as a pick it up tomorrow. Also my apologies for this being a shit thread, sorry I couldn't jazz it up a bit. Hopefully after the pic goes up you may find it a little more interesting.. especially if I post it with one of those sweet looking bike holders Zane has.
  19. Your sense of humor will be very welcome around here.
  20. nice bike!

    what colour did you get? (pics would help)

    now watch out for roos.


    PS: if you want to read some crazy CB400 fanatics talking about their bikes, modding, parts, maintenance, crashes, exhausts, DIY, pictures, and why to not buy petrol in Malaysia - have a look at http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=38 .