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New rider Blue Mountains

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tegan Giovanna, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Hi all. I'm new :)

    I have just started riding recently and loving it!
    I live in the Blue Mountains and am hoping to find some people around here or in Sydney to go riding with.
    I generally have monday and tuesday free and my husband does not....... so would love to find some ladies to hit the road with.

    Look forward to getting to know many of you

  2. welcome aboard Tegan :)
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  3. Welcome Tegan GiovannaTegan Giovanna hope you have decent winter gear for riding around in o_O, I see there has already been a few snow falls up there this Winter
  4. Welcome Tegan GiovannaTegan Giovanna
    Good luck with some riding buddies.
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  5. Welcome :cool:

    Hope you can get some rides with some people in the area.
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  6. Keep an eye on this thread also Tegan NSW
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  7. Welcome aboard, Tegan:)
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  8. There was a new rider from the Blue Mountains
    She mostly rode round and round fountains
    She got her tyres wet
    And didn't even fret
    Then went on to test ride Z1000s
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  9. Welcome to NR aka the nut house
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  10. Thanks for all the welcome love guys!! :)
  11. Currently, ALL my gear is winter gear ;) and hot grips were my first mod. haha. I sure picked a great time of year to start my riding career :D
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  12. Welcome!
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  13. Welcome :)
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  14. I get a lot of Monday's off and love to ride up the mountain, but am not a woman so may not be appropriate riding companionship...
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  15. It does not worry me! :) I merely said "lady riders" as I have yet to come across any yet & rumor has it they're out there somewhere ;)
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  16. Pssst hi Tegan GiovannaTegan Giovanna :D There are a few of us loitering. Definitely keep your eyes on the nsw rides thread they are lots of fun :) welcome to Netrider!
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  17. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely keep an eye on it :D
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  18. Welcome to the forum
  19. Welcome to the skitz house Tegan GiovannaTegan Giovanna :) There a few lovely lasses near the syd are that ride, good luck ! as for the boys here... well they dont bite (generally)... :rolleyes: Steve VtecSteve Vtec comes recommended. He does have luscious long hair, so maybe that will fit the bill for riding partner? :D:angelic:
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