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New rider - bike or scooter???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by pal69, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I have been considering getting a scooter or a bike for some time now so I can get to and from the station each day. I travel down an 80kph road so need something that will do that speed if not a little more.
    It is my first bike on the road so it has to be cheap to run and insure if not I might as well get another car. I have just got my learners licence and have yet to buy a bike.
    I have considered a 50cc scooter which I can use my car licence with or get my bike licence and get a 125cc/150cc scooter which has a bit more poke, or get a roadbike eg cbr 250 or zzr 250 but am worried about the insurance.
    I would like to think that on a sunny day I can get someone to look after the kids and my wife and I can go for a spin
    What should I do??
    Any tips and recommendations would be appreciated.
    cheers :?

  2. go get your licence and get a ZZR/GPX 250. cheap travel, not too bad on insurance and still a bit of fun for the weekends :grin:
  3. It depends, but don't get a scooter.
  4. Bike is the go imagine going for a ride in the country on a nice day with your wife on a scooter :shock: at least this way you will get some fun out of it instead of just being a commuter scooter :cry:
  5. hi pal69-

    does your wife already ride?
    If no, and she's going to be a pillion, I'd be guessing a 50cc is way out of the question! You'd be faster walking.

    In fact, I doubt (nothing to back this up though) a 50cc scooter would even be able to reach 80kmh down hill with a tailwind.

    Get a bike for sure!!!
  6. There is a massive difference to a CBR and a 50cc scooter. But i think the bikes are going to be much more suited to what you're after and if you stick to a 250cc the costs should be much less than a car.

    Go the bikes
  7. Hi,

    Did you get your licence - tested on a bike or scooter? If you were tested on a bike, really there is no point in getting a scooter.

    If you are worry about price, my Honda Spada is quite economical in purchase price, and it is cheap to run, $10-$12 a tank last me more than a week commuting 5 days a week, 12kms each way.

    Insurance is cheap too, I think it was about $130 per year. If you are concern, gather a few models info of bikes and scooters you want, then ring an insurance company just to quote you over the phone on the price.

    That the price aside, I've seen scooter riders skim on gears, riding in normal clothes. But to go 80kph, really you will lose skin if you don't gear up, and your wish of having a pillion and go out on the weekend, scooter will not get you far. Restricted to urban riding only.

    I don't think you'll be able to ride a scooters (legally or physically) on a hwy, correct me if I'm wrong anybody. So, if you cannot get on the hwy, that'll restrict you on where you can travel.

    So, the conclusion is clear: Go the bike, any 250cc.
  8. Thanks

    cheers for the replies, I think I may look at a 250cc which I have always wanted, any ideas on insurance costs for a 36 year old? I know there are lots of factors to consider eg areas etc but really the purpose of the bike over the car is cheap transport
  9. everyone's posts are assuming that a scooter=50cc. It doesn't have to.

    Yes, i'd suggest you get your bike license, but then go ride a few bikes and also a few 150-250cc scoots and see how you go. You may well decide you prefer the auto scooter. And if thats the case, there's nothing wrong with that.

    but no question, if you want to be able to go for the odd cruise through the country or something then you would have to go with a geared bike.
  10. If it's cheap transport you're after, get a scooter.

    Road bikes seem like a cheap deal but they tend to become a bit of an obsession and if you're anything like me you'll blow all your cash on bits and pieces.... Better riding gear, new gloves, new tyres, bla bla blaaaa....
  11. give qbe a call for insurance and get some prices. I'd be surprised if you'd pay more then $400 fully comp (depending on driving history!) for any 250...

    I'm paying just over $300 comp for my bike and I'm only 24.
  12. sorry I should have explained better.
    I am unsure whether to go for a 50cc scooter using my car licence, or get a bike licence (currently have my learners) and either get a 125/150cc scooter or get a road bike up to 250cc, sorry for any confusion.
  13. Yeah yeah,
    thats what i assumed you were talking about.
    so yeah i'd get the bike license then go sample whats on offer and make your mind up then.
    if your specifically wanting to take the boss as pillon then you should probably take her with you on the test rides. Although that will most definitely complicate the whole process :grin: