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New Rider bike choice / advice on kawasaki zxr250 or zzr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GROOV3, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi all

    I'm about to get my L's in about 3-4 weeks and im starting to look at bikes.

    I know theres prob 1000's of threads asking about bikes but hey thats what this sections for.

    Now i have seen a couple zzr250 and gpx250's for sale quite cheep but ive also seen a couple zxr250's now i like the look of these over the other two but they are a grey import. Now the two i have seen for sale are 2003 models with under 10 000kms and one person has said they purchased theres brand new.

    is it true some were imported by dealers localy new?

    any pros and cons on any of these bikes?


  2. What will you be doing with said bike?
    That will determine whether you get any worthwhile suggestions here (maybe on more suitable bikes). There are problems with all bikes if not used for the purpose for which they were designed.

    If you want to be a boy-racer, get the ZXR250.
    If you will use it as primary transport, commuting etc, get the ZZR250.
  3. The bike is just to be used for fun on week ends etc. Wont be used for commuting
  4. Beware also that a grey import bike will generally be harder to find parts for and thus more expensive to repair.

    The ZZR is easy to find parts for, and I know - I've smashed mine up a bit!
  5. i guess what im asking is it possible these ones that were brought in by a dealer here new with 0kms on them would be ok and surley you could still get parts etc. esp since they are actually a 2003 year bike they arent just complienced in that year.
  6. You'll find two types of "2003" ZX-2R or ZXR250. Ones that were complied in 2003 and are older, and those that are actually '2003' models. The reality is that anything after the early 90's (91 I think) is a ZXR250C which is the latest revision of the bike. You could find a 2003 complied ZXR250A for example.

    Between 2000 and 2003 (or 2004) Peter Stevens brought in excess parts stock from Malaysia and built ZXR250C's in Australia. They were all the silver colour with black lightening stickers.

    You'll get parts for a ZXR250 - there are plenty of them in the country, and they're always at wreckers too.

    As for it being a boy racers bike, that's like saying Harley's are gang member bikes. If you like, it buy it and enjoy it.
  7. Get on each of em.
    They are very diferent riding positions.
    At 6Ft I wouldn't fit on a ZX2R and still be able to see the instruments.
    Also you have to rev teh ZX2R harder to get it to perform. But when you do get it to perform it will have higher power.

    As a learner your safty will depend more on the torqe avalable on the ZZR that the power of the ZXR but once you get some experiance, the ZXR will be more thrills (And hopefully not spills)
  8. well the zxr has sold any way. so i gues sim gonna go look at a couple more zzr's and also a couple hondat VTR's
  9. I'd change that slightly:

    -If you want to be a boy-racer, get the ZXR250.
    -If you will use it as primary transport, commuting and not too bad doing it, get the ZZR250.
    -If you don't care about looks, and will be commuting with some twisties thrown in, get a gpx250 as its far cheaper.

    The zzr apart from looking better also has larger wheels/tyre profiling or something along those lines. And gearing is slightly different.

    Either way, after a few/several months when you have some twisty skill you will start scraping the centrestand which is a pain. You can take it off, but then the kickstand will scrape not far after. You can find shitloads more ground clearance by learning how to corner properly (possibly an advantage of these bikes - to ride them hard in corners you have to really develop your skills, whilst 'proper' sportsbikes like zx2r and cbrr are built for going hard, so requires less skill to do the same thing in twisties).

    Incase that sounds like you'll be scraping all the time, its not a worry until you've got some skill happening. The difference in power is pretty big though.

    I'm happy with my accel for a 250, its only the lack of top end after 120 that annoys me.
  10. So theres nothing really bad to add about the zxr?

    are parts as hard to source as people say for grey imports? Its only a week end bike for fun so evenif things break it doesnt have to be fixed the same week etc