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New rider, Bendigo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mizhy, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hi guys started riding a few weeks ago. Passed learners in march. Bought a hyo GT250R in April. Took it for a spin and dropped it making me nervous about riding again. Have full gear except boots, cant justify 300 bucks until I get serious about riding.

  2. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  3. Welcome Mizhy!! I had a 2011 GT250R that I sold to a guy in Bendigo back in March that was also getting his L's. I had a stationary drop on it also whilst on my L's and it also made me nervous to ride it again. That bike is not easy for a Learner. Reason being, that bike is very top heavy for a 250cc and is very hard to maneuver with the narrow clip on handlebars and very poor turning circle. I actually didn't find it very enjoyable to ride and it felt like all I was trying to do is keep it upright. I ended up buying a Kawasaki Z300 and I can't even begin to tell you how much my riding experience positively changed. I originally bought the Hyo because it was cheap with low kms but looking back I really wish I had bought a more reliable brand, 30+ years of engineering makes a difference. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you definitely have it tough learning on that bike and don't think just because you dropped it, you don't have the ability, just get back on the horse again so to speak and give it your best, you'll get it!! :p
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  4. Welcome to NR.

    You did not mention how you dropped it. Was it possibly low speed manoeuvring? Making mistakes and being nervous is just human, however always try to learn from your mistakes.. As mentioned in some other similar posts practice is the key - find a parking lot and practice.

    If you value you ankles/feet even just pair of leather work boots will suffice until you get serious about your riding. My son just bought a pair of leather Jackaroo work boots from Kmart ($40-$80) for the once or twice a year he may have a sedate ride as pillion. Having seen what happens when a foot is trapped between the bike and the road when travelling at only a few kph there is no way I would hop on a bike without leather boots and ankle protection. I started out riding many years ago (as a poor student) wearing second hand army boots.
  5. Welcome to NR...

    Everyone drops their bike so no need to feel bad abt it..

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  6. Welcome.

    A dropped bike happens to the best of us, keep at it, you wont regret it :cool:
  7. Thanks I'm learning alot from reading the forums
  8. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I have steel cap boots but not proper bike ones. I'm going to go take a ride when traffic wont be an issue and yes I dropped it doing low speed stuff in a parking lot
  9. Hello mizhymizhy and welcome to NR! When I started I thought I'd wear my steel capped riding (horse) boots, but I've been told it's not ideal as it's your ankles that need protection and the steel caps can actually cause injury in an accident so perhaps give this some thought. Try fleabay or gumtree for some good second hand ones.

    I started on the lightest bike I could find. A CB125E which made the learning experience easy. Except for high winds. It was just nuts in the wind trying to stay on the road on such a light bike, but on the flip side, I had no drops. When I upgraded to my current heavier ride I found that the 125 had taught me how to ride in the wind and laughed with maniacal glee when bringing the VTR250 home for the first time in screaming winds along the freeway. Compared to the 125 it felt like a rock and I actually really enjoy the challenge of riding in high wind. I suspect that if you stick with the Hyosung and learn to master the weight, when you do upgrade you may find that your bike handling skills are a bit more advanced than if you started on a more balanced ride. So ride it like a boss, stay safe and practice, practice, practice.
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  10. Welcome, Shepparton rider here, on an 04 Hyosung GT250. I sat on a later model Hyo the other day with the clip ons and really didn't like the riding position, but then I am a fat and unfit older bloke who likes to sit upright, hope you get your confidence back up.
  11. welcome aboard :)
    go for the second hand boots my first 2 pair were just that no issues at all even after a 40-50 kph slide
  12. How much should I pay for boots?
  13. Any boots are better than no boots. Just make sure that if you do get steel capped work boots, there is enough space between the footpeg / gear lever to stick your foot in underneath.

    When commuting to work I cannot take motorcycle boots so end up with an 'office' looking steel cap boot that has some thick ankle support as well. Better than a pair of runners should something happen.
  14. Welcome mizhymizhy
    Relax and enjoy. There should be a few bodies around Bendigo to give you some tips if you need them.

    On the boots, most bike stores will be able to sell you a basic pair of touring boots for less than $ 100.
    I wouldn't go out and get a pair of high performance racing boots just yet.
    Every bike has little differences in their riding positions and you'll find that some boots just won't be comfortable to wear and use. At least with a cheaper pair you'll get to know them and what to look for in a better pair later.
  15. You should pay what you can afford. Even basic boots are a hell of a lot better than no boots at all.
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  16. I've got a pair of these boots.. They are a good basic riding boot. Has zip with velcro strap. Ankle support, anti twist sole, waterproof etc. They look real good in person. I really like them and for $99, you can't beat them!!

    BGA Waterproof Touring Motorcycle Leather Boot
  17. Don't mind the look of those boots at all, and at that price you cant go too far wrong. Time to save the pennies again!
  18. They even have a shifting pad on them!
  19. Hi Mizhy, welcome to the world of bikes, it can be awesome. I am writing to see if you may be interested in a quick chat in regards to your early experience on the bike and what you think may be helpful to build confidence in your riding abilities and get out on the road to actually enjoy it!!. I am a motorcycle instructor and i am trying to collect some real stories and heartaches to share with road safety groups to see if there are better ways to share information to help learners ride safer a lot quicker, without having to go through all the "life lessons" we had to go through to earn our leathers! If you are keen at all for me to call some time soon for 10mins, just let me know. If can share any advise during our talk to help you get out there on the road in a safer manner, I would be more than happy too as a thankyou!!. No worries if your not keen, cheers ...rob
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