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New Rider - Apart from the bike - What else do i need ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by paulmoran, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Just trying to avoid those 'Hidden' areas that can happen in anything new we do :)

    So, apart from buying a bike (im 99% settled on a Hyo GT250R) ...

    What else do I need ... ?

    So far im thinking:

    Wheel Lock ...

    What am i missing ?

    Thanks for all your help !!!



    I should mention that i will not being using my bike for 'transport' i have a car for getting to work etc ...it will be more of a hobby that i have been waiting MANY years to have the time and money to start

    What are the typical prices on the following in NSW:

    Green Slip / Rego (on road costs) etc ?

    Thanks again!!!!
  2. get leathers if u can afford them
    some riding pants

    and take it really easy

    also goto korider.com
    read everything you can about the bike as theyre prone to have problems.
    Im gettin a 650rl soon
    do your research
    and once again take it easy
  3. Hey Paul.

    What will you be carrying? A backpack can be handy. Some cheap waterproof pants that you can carry under your seat for when the weather catches you out are good.

    Chain lube is good.

    A Leatherman (or similar) multi-tool is worth its weight in gold. Kevlar reinforced jeans such as Draggins or similar will save your arse, literally. A can of that stuff that inflates your tyre and plugs punctures is a nice thing to have.

    Think seasonality when you buy, too - will your gloves be comfy in summer and winter? Waterproof? How about your choice of jacket - is it convertible from mesh/flow-thru for summer to quilted/waterproof for winter? All worth thinking about.

    The biggest thing you're missing is boots. See those high points on your ankles? When you drop your bike (even going reasonably slowly) and it pins your leg underneath in a normal shoe with no ankle protection, you'll grind those high points off on the road. Ouch.

    A spine protector is an option. Expensive, but have you priced a spine lately?

    A tinted visor if you're a squinty bugger like me.

    One of those stick-on pads that stops your belt buckle from scratching your tank.

    Have I missed anything? Oh, hang on...that's what YOU were asking...


  4. Yep boots and pants are definately a good idea. You'll also need to stock up on things you'll need for regular maintanence like chain lube and a decent tyre pressure gauge. You might also want to consider if you're ever going to want/need to carry anything when riding and what luggage option would be best (ie backpack/tankbag/whatever).
  5. If you’re using it for recreation don’t worry about getting crap for rainy days etc. No one rides on a freezing cold day in the rain for fun. And it’s coming up to summer anyway so you can work out if you need more crap later.

    Spend as much as you reasonably can on the helmet. It not only protects your head but a cheap helmet lets in wind, noise, fogs up really badly, and a little extra money will minimise these things.

    As mentioned before; if you’re not going to be using your bike as your only means of transport I’d recommend a mesh / cordura / textile / whatever you want to call them jacket. Not leather. Slowly roasting in your own sweat on a hot day inside a leather jacket isn’t fun. The mesh jackets keep you cooler, can be covered in water to cool you down further if needs be, usually come with a liner for some extra warmth if needed, and protect you (realistically) as well as a leather jacket.

    As a new rider you’ll probably find thinner leather gloves the easiest to operate the throttle / brakes / clutch with. The ‘Supermoto’ style gloves are always a good bet; they extend only to about your wrist, are light and offer good feel (try some of the heavy, winter gloves on for comparison), and usually have the leather / textile / carbon fibre knuckle protection stuff that full race gloves do.

    If you’re going to be doing other stuff while you’re out riding (meeting friends / whatever it may be that you don’t want to be doing waddling around in leather pants) grab some Draggins (or whichever equivalent Kevlar lined jeans). They’re a reasonable compromise on safety gear if you’re going to be doing other stuff.

    A tinted visor definitely! They’re useless at night though brilliant at all other times, and don’t leave you with a funny sunglasses shaped white patch on an otherwise sun burnt face (often the result of the alternative on sunny days).

    Most of all – if you’re in NSW have a good look at the other bikes that are available to you under the LAMS. You might find a 250, while marginally more comfortable to begin with, just isn’t what you’re after in the long term.

    I can’t be bothered writing any more.


  6. Yeah, Paul, Welcome, first of all...

    Investigate LAMS bikes before you plonk down your hard-earned on a new 250.... You can get..

    A new, restricted 650, which you can keep after your Ps are finished.....

    or, an older 650 Kawasaki or Yamaha or even BMW, which mightn't be as exciting as a new shiny steed, but might only cost $1,500 on the road!!
  7. Apart from all your riding needs... Not to scare you or anything..

    Optional items:
    1. Life insurance with income protection of some sort.. It's a crazy world out there.. no matter how good a rider you are, you never know what will happen.. e.g. "Opppsss.. I didn't see him coming... " you get a lot from cages...

    2. Roadside assistance...

    3. First Aid kit.

    4. Visor cleaner with decent quality cloth.

    1. I think you didn't mention pants and boots..

    2. Lubbing the chain.. you need rear stand of some sort, do a search on some of the technique people use here...
  8. what a great response - thanks guys!!! MUCH appreciated ...

    As far as the bike goes, i have 'allowed' myself $6000 - and im pretty sure that ill be looking to upgrade asap - probs to an R6 or CBR600 or the like...

    As u have probably guessed, im looking for a nice road bike... if only there was still an RS250 option :p

    Any suggestions much appreciated..

    Also - for boots and jeans whats a good brand etc ... and what are typical prices for your suggestions ...

    Again, thanks A LOT guys - appreciate your time and help!!!

    My L's r booked in for 13 / 14 Jan 2007 - so got some time to get my shit together

  9. As far as a bike is concerned if you're just planning on upgrading as soon as you can I wouldn't bother with a new Hyosung. You'd be better off looking at something like a ZZR or GPX that's a few years old but still in good condition - you'll easily find one for less than 6k and best of all you should be able to sell it later for what you paid for it (or possibly more if you buy wisely). No point in sinking all your money into a 250 (or a LAMs bike) if you've got your heart set on a 600.
  10. Boots - shop around, Jeans - draggin are probably most used, check the web site for what they offer. You could spend a little less on you first bike and a little more on your gear. hope you enjoy your riding.
  11. thanks again guys!!!!

    itching to get into it .....damn Pre learner course and their waiting lists ....everyone wants their L's!!!

    thanks again
  12. hey, i was going through this stage not long ago (6weeks) had my heart set on a hyosung gt650rl but decided against it as it was too expensive and id prefer something like a cbr600rr for my second bike.
    Depending on ur state i got a $5000 loan, spent $2900 on a zzr250, the got a jacket, boots, gloves, helmet and a major service done on the bike and i still have cash left.

    After trying to ignore everyone here that say "dont buy new for ur first bike" im glad i got a cheap bike coz ill only have it for 18 months then go bigger!
    Plus the 250 feels too small when i go riding in the twisties!!

    on another note anyone who is a learner in the adelaide hills that wants someone to ride with let me know, im keen as always :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. Come to the coffee nights in Adelaide! Few learners there, including me :grin:
  14. yea been planning to step into one, just havent had time ATM, wed nights at scoozi's (or how ever u spell it) right?