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New rider (and very soon to be owner) hellos

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cris, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. Hi all

    I've posted a couple of questions here in the past, but not yet introduced myself. I'm prompted now 'cause I'm excited! Just paid deposit on an ex-demo CB500X, to be delivered probably at the weekend. My only riding experience thus far was my pre-learners, which I found easy and fun, though given that was back in mid-May, I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of being let loose on the road. Will I remember how the hell to make the thing go and stay upright? I also have a very steep driveway up to the garage, so there's a small baptism of fire awaiting me on delivery day.

    Anyway, I'm way too excited for my age bracket, but that's no bad thing. Job for tomorrow: buy helmet etc.

  2. Welcome to NR...

    What helmets have you been eyeing?

    And on that note, what about the other gear?
  3. Belated Welcome Cris, Congratulations A new bike is a great feeling. Does the drive slope all the way or is there a flat landing place at the top? Its a bit intimidating to be on the road first up, maybe choose a quiet time to pickup the bike and take the road less traveled on the way home. Also having an escort can help, any bike mates or even someone with a car to shadow you home?

    Have Fun.
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  4. #5 Cris, Jun 26, 2014
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    Not sure on all of that, will need to do some more research. Had been thinking of a Shark Evoline or Vision-R, but for no better reason than I saw they scored highly on a crash test. I guess it will mostly depend on fit/comfort. Very happy to receive any recommendations.

    I have a jacket which will do for now (DriRider mesh with zip-in liners), but need to get gloves, pants and boots. I may take a drive up to Nerang tomorrow (locally -- Lismore -- seems bit pricey from what I've seen so far).

    Thanks. There's a proper flat garage to drive into, but the road up to the drive and the drive itself are both steep -- I suffer them running and/or cycling most days ;) The bike's being delivered, not picked up by me, so I won't have to brave serious traffic on my first ride out as I can pick my time and destination.

    However the delivery will be to the bottom of the drive, so I will have to ride the bike up the slope to get it in the garage. I'm (oddly ?) more concerned about that than I am my first proper ride. I would take it for a ride on arrival, but it's coming from interstate, so will be unregistered until Monday ..
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  5. And here she is!

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  6. How'd you go with the driveway.

    Congrats and welcome.
  7. Cheers. Dare I admit that I got the delivery guy to drive it up for me?

    I did then though take it for a couple of spins round the block. That's all I dare 'till I get it registered tomorrow. Bike's smooth and forgiving, rider's a bit wobbly, but I made it back (and up the drive) in one piece, and am crazy keen to get started properly.
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  8. Good start, mate, well done.
  9. Vision-R is recommended if its comfortable for your head, just make sure its the latest series 2 much quieter than series 1.
    Excellent if you have to wear glasses.
  10. I reckon this will be a cracker, versatile learner bike which lends itself to many different rides, riding styles and adventures. Good choice OP.
  11. Welcome aboard nice ride enjoy :]
  12. Steep driveways are awesome for burn-outs,garnn you know you want to.
  13. Ended up with a Shark Speed-R. It was the best fit, and feels nice and light. The only thing I don't like about it is that the indentation for lifting the visor is really too small for a gloved thumb, making it hard to push up while riding. Will probably get used to it.
  14. Thanks. I was a bit toey about spending more than I originally planned (was going to go with a 250), but from my acquaintance so far, I really don't think I'm going to regret it. I've had two 15m rides since that first run round the block (to/from the garage for blue slip), and considering I'm such a total noob, it seems pretty forgiving.

    There's a very steep hill on that route, and I loved how smoothly and easily she pulled up it. Felt good.
  15. Stay-uprights is my level for now ;)
  16. Forgot to mention that I stalled on the hill up to my house. Engine was chugging, I went to shift down and I shifted up instead. Had a bit of a "holy shit, how am I going to get this thing going again" moment -- stuck with a stationary bike on a steep hill pointing upwards. I didn't think I could safely paddle around to point down, so I had to steel myself for a hill start (with riding chops barely adequate to getting going on the flat!).

    Anyway, I made it, but it's added another couple of items to my practice list (remembering which bloody way the gear lever works, and hill starts).
  17. Practice. Hill starts are , rear brake and clutch control. Some tips

    Right leg down and front brake on.
    Left leg and clutch try and kick down in gears to first
    Both legs down
    Right leg on rear brake.
    Release clutch slowly throttle up and go :)

    You probably did this by default. ;)
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  18. I think I did, more or less. But practise is definitely needed.

    For my own purposes, I'm writing a bit of a diary of my progress. Once I'm a competent rider, it might be heartening for then-newbies to see someone else's faltering progress, so I'm publishing it on netrider. The first entry's a bit long as there's some catch-up.