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New rider and soon a new bike :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tiger_grrrrl, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Woo Hoo! I passed my Ls test yesterday and put a deposit on a '06 GPX250 today. Yay! I'll be riding soon, just have to wait for the helmet I want to be ordered in.

  2. Congratulations!

    I passed my L's 2 weeks ago and I'm waiting for my bike too...I expect to have my first ride next week.

    Anyway Welcome to the forum.
  3. i know how that felt, except in my circumstances, it was a bit different.
    took my first 3 hrs lesson, got a bike, ride it home (was freakin awesome!) and failed the theory test didnt read the book thats why.....

    wait for another 2 wks because of study and works. and finally got it. hahaha been riding since a week before i got my l. haha
  4. congrats, enjoy riding, it a great feeling
  5. Picked up my bike today. Yay! Took me quite a while to get it home though as I wasn't that keen on going any faster than 60kms yet which meant using side roads from Dandenong to Richmond. No dramas, but I probably irritated a few cars with my snail pace and slow take offs from lights.
  6. I know how you feel. I picked up my bike from Underwood in Brisbane just over a year ago now and chickened out of taking the motorway home. Logan Road all the way.

    Good luck with the riding!
  7. Grats on the L's and the Bike, you'll have to fill out the garage details and put some pics up and and and... .lol so many things when you get a new bike.

    Welcome to the forums. :)
  8. did you find it hard at all?

    and also did you learn to ride prior to your L's?
  9. Nice work! I'm a new learner too and i'm itching to get a bike.
    Enjoy that GPX :grin:
  10. Hi speedyTX3,
    I had done a 1hr try it session about a month before I did the weekend learners course through HART, but other than that I had never riden a bike.
    I didn't find it too hard but things that helped me where that I learnt to drive a car in a manual, I ride a pushie a fair bit and I kayak (helps with balance and looking into turns). That said about half the class failed so maybe I'm just too good! :p
  11. Congrats.
    Just wondering what helmet you had to order in? Hope you tried it on first.
  12. Yeah, I tried the shop's display helmet on. They just didn't have and silver/black ones in my size out the back. It's a KBC, don't remember the model though.
  13. Hey all. Another newbie to the forums.

    Good to see all the information available for the new guys and the more experienced rider. A well of information.

    Also, AshR1, your from shepp? I went to school there. I would've PM'd you but u have to had at least 20 posts before lol

    Anyway, to all the new riders out there, enjoy the freedom the bike has to offer but respect it and the dangers that face us everyday! Respect = life :]

  14. hey kane :) (yay for thread jacking)

    Yeah I went to NDC but moved when I went to Uni in 2000 and moved back for work this year
  15. got any pics to post up yet?
  16. Just hope for a sunny day for your P test. They do it even if its hailing thunderstorms ive heard. Pluss more chance of slidding on the oily road ride or stop brake test.

    Goodluck and get some training on back streets first or in parking lots.

    I passed the P test so its not impsible, quite easy if your ready for it.
  17. I've been rather slack on the taking photos front. I must be spending too much time on the bike :p Actually my bike usually has it's cover on it and I keep forgetting to take a photo when it's not covered.