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New Rider and Member!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Matty94, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. G'day Everyone! Just joined the forums and thought i'd say hi :)
    Recently Just Bought my first ever Road bike. A Yzf R3. Been out on a few weekend rides by myself and still just getting used to the feel of being on tarmac with only 2 wheels :D Hoping to get out and about and get in on the group rides (if there are any) and learn some helpful skills!

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  2. Welcome to NR, Matty.

    The Sat a.m practice session in Elwood, are a great way to meet some of us and improve your skills.
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  3. Hey Matty94Matty94, welcome to the forums and life on two wheels. Congrats on getting your Yamma, gorgeous bike! When comfortable, make your way to Elwood to [VIC] - [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice to practice essential riding skills and meet with people. Enjoy and stay safe (y)!
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  4. Hi Matty, Welcome to the forums and to two wheels.

    Saturday Morning Practice in Elwood is a good place to start when you are ready, if you put your hand up in that thread you may be able to find someone going along that can give you an escort.

    Uncle Greg's Epic Saturday ride is a half day ride, the ride leader Uncle Greg is taking a break at the moment but other people have been stepping up for these rides.

    The Sunday Learner Ride is an all day Sunday ride.

    Check the various threads to see whats on for that weekend, and where they are starting from. The site convention is the first post gives general ride details and the last ones current variations and changes. Check:

  5. Welcome to NR and the art of riding a motorcycle.
  6. Alright thanks for the info guys! Will have to try and make it to one of these Sat morning practice sessions! Sounds like good fun :) altho working life is a biatch haha
  7. Welcome aboard :)
  8. Hey, Matty - welcome! You're a step ahead of me... I'm still sussing out the first motorbike after years on a scooter. Meanwhile, I've found the folks here very welcoming, and I'm soaking up the advice and wisdom in the Best Tips for New Bikers thread. Really worthwhile - I'm equal parts healthy fear and itching to get on a bike.

    See you around!
  9. Welcome Matty94Matty94 kudos on your purchase mate.
  10. Haha I'm a bit different mate! I decided that i would need my license for future and thought it would be best to get it now seeing as the licenses will be harder to get! And within 2 days of getting my license i bought my first ever bike :p impulsive buying is a trait i think i may have :) good luck on finding the right bike tho mate :)
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  11. welcome to Netrider Matty! .....ditto about Saturday morning practice in Elwood (y)
  12. Welcome to NR Matty!
  13. Welcome Matty.
    Great choice in bike!
    I have the blue one.
    Bought it 6 weeks ago as a newbie and have already logged 4,000kms.

    Have fun and link in with the sat practice and Sunday rides.
    I play golf so can't do the sat practice myself but it's very highly regarded by all it seems.

    You have some great riding on your doorstep so enjoy the journey.

    Happy to talk R3 anytime too.
  14. I know that feeling, day after my Ls I bought a Honda CBR haha.

    Welcome to the forum Matty, awesome name :p
    Get to the city for the learner sessions, they were awesome when I went!

    - Matt
  15. Welcome and nice looking bike.
  16. Welcome Matty and enjoy the ride.

    Blimey iGolf - you making up for lost time or something?? :)
  17. A little YeH.
    Long service leave is helping too.
    Plus I've been known to go to the supermarket via Marysville or Lorne more than once...
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  18. Yeh Bloody hell mate thats a fair effort! Haha i've had mine about a month not and dont even think ive clocked 1000 :p try to get out on it a fair bit but a long day at work calls for relaxation :)
    Talkin bout R3's then... You got and exhaust yet? haha
  19. And sorry boys but dont think i'll be able to make it down to the practice sesh on Sat morn. Got work break up on the Friday and i cant say ill be sober the following morning :p Anyone reckon it will run next Sat even tho its boxing Day?