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New Rider and maybe a midlife crisis :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by noob, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Gday All,

    Just thought I would introduce myself as I have been lurking around this forum for about a month or so.
    Thank god for Google as I had to learn what ATTGAT and Squids were, sorry but I'am new to all the rider lingo as I'am to riding motor bikes.

    One day i thought gee i would like to learn to ride a bike before i get too old or kick the bucket, so off i went and did the RTA's L's course which i thought was good but could go into alot more detail but hey thats what the HART extra couse's are for.

    So I got my L's in early Oct and after alot of reading on hear and research I got a Suzuki GS500F as im a little tall and have well paid for Beer gut :) might need a little extra torque to get moving.

    After another 2 weeks or so of research I went and got my gear and are a firm believer of ATTGAT and I will not go out unless I'm covered from head to toe.

    So no I'm petrified on one hand and then also looking forward to actually getting and going for ride nice a slow until i get my confidence up.

    I have read most of the riding new tips so i hope to apply all of them and become a confident rider.

    Cheers Paul.
  2. Welcome and good on ya.

    I too was a late starter to bikes being 34 when I got my L's. Just take it easy and you will be fine.
    One good thing about being older is that you (should) know the road rules backwards, which if you were 16 and just learning both the road rules and the bike makes it a bit more harder.

    In some regards I wish that I had started earlier, but then again I have done some stupid things at my age, let alone what I may have got up to with youthfull exuberance.

  3. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Be thankful for the mid-life crisis. Enjoy it. Some people are too old for them.
  4. Welcome. You have some nice riding roads within easy reach of your place (unlike some poor stiffs who are buried in the inner suburbs and have to take a cut lunch just to get to the outskirts of Sydney), so get out there and enjoy them. Hope to see you on the Putty one day soon.

    My mid-life crisis is still going too. :)
  5. welcome Paul, how old are ya bud?
  6. Welcome Paul. The terror decreases in direct proportion to the incredible enjoyment.
  7. Hello

    Maybe not a midlife crisis but rather now you have the opportunity to do it

    I did it last year at 39 --- because I felt that all my hooning days were past me and all the days of spending money doing thing up tinkering looking tomak things more powerful etc

    So just bought a decent bike with all the bits on it already and enjoy it as it is

    -- have fun and I like your attitude to atgatt
  8. You won't regret it...
  9. 41 my friend and only 1 month to 42 :)
  10. Just a pup.

    I got my Ls at 44. I don't understand what "mid life crisis" actually means, but it doesn't matter; this is another new thing in my life and I am sure there will be many more.

  11. You've come to the right place.

    I prefer to call it a mid life adventure. It just keeps getting better & better.
  12. Welcome Paul !
    The person who started the saying 'all good things come to those who wait'... should be shot! I waited way too long to jump on two-wheels. Better late than never.
    Enjoy !

  13. u waited and you are now having the time of your life, so all good things come to those who wait :)
  14. Thanks guys for all your warm welcomes :)
  15. It's not a mid-life crisis. It's a midlife catharsis.

    Well done!
  16. Congrats!

    Take it nice and easy until you get the nag of it (to make sure 41 is the middle of your life if nothing else)...
  17. Well done.
    It's good to chase your dreams. And nothing lets you escape like a good bike on a great road. I hope your are wize enough to know the best mods you can buy are lessons. Nothing worse than a new toy and you cant ride it, or an unrideable new toy. Practise everyday. Expecially your hard braking. Keep your eyes up look at where you want to go and lead with your chin and your body and bike will follow.
    I at 48 am trying to step out. I have been paid to ride for the last decade at least and have ridden since I was six, almost every day. But I have not had a "fun ride" as in go out with my mates or even alone for at least 5 years. The negatives of being paid to do what you love. And having to do it six days a week.