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New Rider and any advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by KennY123, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, only been riding for over 2 months. Mainly to work and back. Would really appreciate some advice. Any advice will do.

  2. As soon as your off your L's, look into California Superbike School. The best rider training you can get. Also get the book "A twist of the writs 2" that is what their training is based on.
  3. Get yourself a superbike as soon as you can and use 100% throttle ALL the time.

    No, wait:... what he said.
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  4. Be kind to your mother, and never eat the yellow snow.
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    Welcome to the forum:
    • Never trust a politician of any stripe.
    • When you get a chance start an introduction thread for yourself in the Welcome Lounge it is the custom around here.
    • Tram Tracks are slippery in the wet.
    • Read the cornering threads in New Rider Tips, an excellent series by one of the Mods here.
    • Join the VMC to get roadside assist and support motorcycle advocacy in Victoria.
    • Get along to Saturday morning practise in Elwood/StKilda when you get a chance.
    • Go on one of Uncle Greg's Epic Learner Friendly rides when you are ready.
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  6. ^^ what he said. And don't fall off, look where you want to go, not what you're worried about riding into!

    And watch those bloody cagers because many of them appear to be legally blind....
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  7. You're new around here, aren't you?
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  8. always wear a condom
  9. But take it off before urinating, messy otherwise.
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  10. but fun
  11. On a bike you are never as good as you think you are (Rossi, Stoner et al excepted) so ride a little below what you think you can.
  12. Ride your own ride. Trying to keep up with other more experienced riders is a recipe for disaster.

    Keep it rubber side down.

    When involved in a negative incident/ interaction with a driver, just let it go. Its not worth getting into an argument or road rage incident. You will lose on a bike so just take a deep breath and be on your way!

    Carry a puncture kit.
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  13. Move from Melbourne. Seriously.

    That's my advice.

    Oh, and enjoy your riding. The more time in the seat the better.
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  14. Assume you are not seen
    If you think a driver will cut you off, they probably will
    If you think a driver will pull out of a side street in front of you., they probably will.
    If you think that person slowing down and swaying from lane to lane is drunk, they are probably sending text messages.
    ...See a pattern? Assume a driver is going to do what you think they will, and ride accordingly. Have an escape plan.

    Not being seen pisses a lot of riders off, but most riders don't realise our human brain is fcuked and has an issue seeing things. Its called intentional blindness. Drivers should be educated on this, but they are not, so you need to educate yourself on it. There is many faults with the human eye, and its in your best interest to understand those shortcomings.

    Last but not least. dont ride angry. A driver may piss you off, but just wave if off. Ride angry and you ride like a fcukwit, and the result is you put your life at risk. Enjoy the ride, ignore the fcukwits.
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  15. Once you've been riding for a few months and you start feeling comfortable on the bike and with your skills, remind yourself that you actually haven't got a clue.
    It's very easy to get over-confident once you've been riding for a little while, and start thinking you can go faster and whatnot.
    Unfortunately, this usually ends in disaster.

    Don't forget your brain needs some processing time between thinking about what to do and actually doing it.
    So to keep it simple (and to quote someone on here, whose name I have forgotten unfortunately): if it feels too fast, it probably is.

    Also, make sure you check your tyre pressure before heading out for any longer rides.
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  16. Lol to all the funny reply. Walked into that one. Anyway thanks for the advice. I'll keep them in mind including the funny ones. I like the condom bit. Lol.
  17. Next time you sleep with your girl, cum into your hand and throw it into her face while yelling "SPIDERMAN"

    She will love you for it
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  18. Lol @ Tanksie. Did the spiderman thing whilst working in the mines. When you're all alone in your donga with nothing to do.
    Felt bad for the cleaner though.