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New Rider...... and aint it just GREAT....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bron.X, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Well gang, after 25+ years as a rear seat accessory ... I have finally done it... got my learners a week go... and spent all day today becoming aquainted with my VTR250.. and facing that big scary thing called the road...complete with traffic... :shock:

    I have been a lurker on Netrider for ages... but now that I ride myself AND have a bike... its time for me to introduce myself...

    My name is Bron (aka Xena.. dont piss me off.. I am a Warrior Princess.. ) :D

    Finally decided that its my turn to buy expensive toys with two wheels... pity that I will only be able to ride every 2nd weekend when the little person in my life is with her daddy, but hey I'll be off my L's in no time, and she is just hanging out to jump on the back with Mummy..

    Enough for now, and hope to meet some of you at my first coffee night soon.
  2. Welcome. Hope to see you at coffee one friday.
  3. Hi and welcome to the boards and the 2 wheeled world

    Cheers Stewy
  4. Welcome to the forums Bron
    Are we having a VTR250 epidemic here? :shock:
  5. No...some of us just choose to ride a bike without built in handbag storage!

  6. welcome bron, enjoy the laughs. :LOL:
  7. Hi & Welcome to the forums!! :D
  8. G'day and Welcome!

    Another firesqawl, Knightrider will be happy.
  9. Hello Bron and welcome :D . I know the feeling I myself have recently got my first bike. A GPX250, I have learnt that winter is a great time to buy a bike but crap to ride in :) . I have not let that stop me though. I ride now rain, hail or shine as poor old Tones can't keep me off it :LOL: . I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I do. \:D/

    Cheers and Good Luck :D

    Lainie :biker:
  10. Welcome, and you have taste...Go the VTR....great learner bike
  11. Welcome aboard :D It's great to ride

    Stay safe

  12. Gday and welcome to the site

    Cheers 8)
  13. mmmmm one assumes that when my baby VTR grows up... it wants to be a storm???? :LOL:
  14. Well... i AM a girl.. so thats OK then... :D
  15. Welcome, Bron, great to hear that you've taken the plunge. Great choice for a first-timer's bike too. Will serve you well.

    Yes. it's great having your first ride, but here's the good bit. I musta done my thousand-somethingth ride today, and it's STILL good!
  16. Another of the distaff brigade to leaven the testosterone-reeking halls of Netrider; I can smell the perfume from here! Welcome to our unruly house, and if you can't make it better, well, give up and enjoy the mess!!! happy riding! :D
  17. welcome aboard Xena, I was going to warn you about the weird ones in here, but it's more fun finding out for your self.

  18. weird huh?... just the way i like it... :-$
  19. Welcome :D :D :D ......