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New Rider! All gear and no idea!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OwenMM, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Just thought id post an intro, been lurking for a while doing my research on getting into riding.

    Booked in for my learners course a couple of weeks ago but couldnt get a course till the 19th aug. In the meantime Ive already picked up a bike which came up at the right price, even though all I can do at the moment is sit on it!

    Lookin forward to some decent rides as soon as I get the L's in a couple of weeks!

  2. Welcome to Netrider OwenMM !
    Good luck with your learner's course - I'm sure it's tough not to be able to (legally) ride your bike. Not long mate.
    Enjoy and best of luck.
  3. Yeah, its hard to just look at it for a fortnight. I've got zero riding experience so I'm not even game to take it for a spin round the block!
  4. Good man ! All the best.
  5. welcome owen, dont forget to join us at homebush when your ready to go
  6. Yeah I'll definatly be out for some practice as soon as I can.
  7. Welcome Aboard !
  8. welcome to netrider :)
  9. Welcome to netrider, i am a newie here too, but i have learnt a lot from the guys here.
  10. Welcome :) Best of luck with the L's, but after all the sitting on the bike and playing with it i'm sure you know exactly where everything is :)
  11. Welcome to NR Owen :)