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New Rider - All Equiped :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by glipschitz, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Well I decided that the 1/4 life crisis had come, and the choices were a donkey, a tank or a motorbike... It didn't take long to work out which one I chose.... The donkey of course!

    Well, all booked in for my L's in a few weeks, the bike is coming (my boss is giving me a tax right off... I mean "Bonus" :)) and today I went the all out on retail therapy and kitted my self out :)

    I must say that the chap who assisted me at Red Wing Honda was brilliant (Nick)

    Ended up with Draggin Jeans, Dianese Jacket, Shoei Helment, and Alpine Star Boots and Gloves.

    Hopefully won't be to long before I can put them to use, for now, just have to road test them on my donkey.


    For the life of Greg see www.gregl.id.au - You will be disappointed, Guaranteed :)
  2. Greg,
    Welcome to the fray.
    I did the same as you about two or three weeks ago and did my first road ride today.
    Awesome feeling
    You'll love it
  3. Welcome to the forums Greg.

    Good luck with your L's.

    :D :D
  4. Welcome mate. I just got kitted out yesterday ... along with my new bike. Two decent rides already and I'm lovin' it. :D
  5. Thanks All for such a warm welcome. Must be the jacket, its boiling :p

    Man my sense of humor is bad tonight, i'm pulling puns left right and centre.

    Can't wait to get out onto the road. As my mum put it when she went for her test "Ride into the Sunset", the problem was she couldn't hold the bike up and ended up on the scooter which she couldn't contol. But it was a damn good laugh at the time :)

    Will have to make sure I get my but out to some of these rides and put some faces to names. I've been reading the forums for weeks and its quite funny how you get to know some one from all you read in their posts.

    Any ways, enough crapping on.

    Time for a beer and some tellie :)


  6. He Glips...welcome...l found the guys down at redwing pretty good also, and l was hoping to get all my gear there as lm local to Heidelberg, but ended up buying my jacket in Ringwood

  7. Hi Greg,

    Welcome. Well you've certainly done the right thing by ensuring you got kitted out with gear first. I've done the same and while it's taken a while to get a bike, it has to be the more sensible / safer option.

    Good luck with the L's - I'm sure you'll be fine.

    - Jase
  8. Cheers Jase,

    I am quite looking forward to it, also looking forward to cruising with the netrider crew :)

  9. Heya Greg! Welcome to the craziness!

    As for your ideas on what everyone's like....well.....let me say, you're in for a VERY rude awakening!! :shock: :p :wink:

    :D :D :D
  10. Lil,

    I guess it's living on the edge a little :)

    But I think I'll take the risk!


  11. I used to work at the Donnie East maccas.....if you spent any time there, you may have already seen me! I left there at the end of October, but used to work a lot of the overnights.

    :D :D :D