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New Rider Advice pls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Vanish83, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    Myself and the Mrs have had our licences for just over a month now and loving it.

    For those who know the Northern Bris roads well we have been going out to Dayboro and back to get some hours under our belts. Last weekend we went over Mt Mee and onto Caboolture for a bit of a ride, taking it easy over the Mt Mee corners etc as it was our first time there.
    Just wanted to check what the etiquette is for slowing down to allow others to pass on the short straights around Mt Mee. Do we pull over to the left and indicate left (even though we aren't turning), or pull over to the left and indicate right to show the riders behind to pass? Taking right hand off the throttle to wave isn't ideal I wouldn't have thought as I will lose revs especially up a climb??

  2. I move to the left side, drop a bit of speed and wave them past to the right (removing right hand, doesn't matter so much as I drop a bit of speed to do this so it's clear that I'm allowing them by), or wave them past using my right foot. That's just something I started doing though - interested to see if there is actual etiquette for this.
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  3. +1 for the right foot, originally I was waving them through with my right hand but as you suggested you lose revs and after watching a more experienced rider using the right foot and enquiring as to the correct etiquette he said yup for the above reasons you mentioned and besides he's been doing it for years lol. I would also suggest keeping your speed as normal and not backing off as the experienced riders would know when it's time to over take you and 90% of them with give you a thankyou wave. (y)
  4. Kick them through.
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  5. Yeah I'm one for the foot flick
  6. Awesome, thanks all!
    And thanks Christenik for the link.

    Yeah I try and tell the Mrs to ride her ride and not worry about others behind, but being a newbie we sometimes get a lil frazzled when others sit pretty close through the turns we have't been on before- adds another dimension to learning quickly haha.

  7. It's good to know you guys are using your mirrors ;)
  8. Foot flick is technically illegal. Just so you are awar
  9. It is ironic that the most backward state is the most progressive on this.