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New Rider - 30yo Sutherland Shire

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JimmyB84, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and grabbed an 06' CBF250 and my L-Plates. Super excited to start getting into both riding and hitting the bike with some tools for some 'meditative maintenance'.

    I managed to dump 500km on the speedo in my first week - Went down to Woronora Dam, and from there down the coast to Corrimal on the Saturday, then 8am Sunday morning I found myself coasting over the Hawkesbury on Wisemans Ferry. My original intention was to head up to Newcastle for the day, but saw Berowra Waters Ferry, and after seeing the three-ferry run mentioned on meetup-dot-com I couldn't help but point my bike that direction.

    Unfortunately I was struck with the flu the following weekend, but I'm looking forward to another clear weekend of riding shortly.

    Side note: Last night I was supposed to ride out to dinner, and had to cancel because I wasn't confident in the rain. Something I'm going to need to work on (and I hadn't done much research on wet weather riding up to that point, so didn't know the rules).



    I also love the fact that my electronic cigarette can fit nicely underneath my helmet when I'm pulled over ^_^
  2. Welcome aboard, and nice pics. That last one reminds me of the first (and last) time I tried a cigarette under the helmet. I forgot to open the visor, and my linings never smelled the same after that.

    I suspect the vapour residue would be a little less unpleasant.
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  3. Welcome to NR!

    It's appears you're turning into Ghost Rider..

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  4. I'm currently using blueberry flavour in my e-cig, and the smell disappears quite quickly. Fairly pleasant.

    As a smoker for 8 years, I can imagine the smell of smoking a cigarette inside a helmet... It brings back memories of an ex girlfriend's car - she'd crack the rear window a tiny amount to let the marlborough smoke out of the car slowly :depressed:
  5. Welcome to the Nut House....sorry I mean NetRider. :)

    Nice pics there....
  6. Welcome. Sounds like you are having a ball already. :happy:
  7. Welcome
    I'm from the Penrith Shire
  8. Welcome to life that some envy and some loathe. Stay safe
  9. If this is the nut house then I've come to the right place!
  10. Never with a car did I ever find myself looking for an excuse to go for a quick drive :D
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  11. I know what you mean. Any excuse will do.