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New rider - 2008 ninja 250r vs 94-00 rvf400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattstone, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, just getting into bike and am after some thoughts on these 2 bikes, I've never riden a bike before but am keen to learn :) Which of these would best suit a new rider, as far as power / positioning ect are concerned?

    My brain tells me that the ninja is the best suited bike - new, warrenty, cheap(6500) ect, but my heart fell in love with the rvf 400 in the movistar decal kit and new bodywork. ( i cant post links yet)

    I know that is overpriced, old, and nothing like owning a bike from new, but I can stop staring at it :p especially with that kit :)

    Any help guys....

    Cheers, Matt
  2. Don't even think about getting an rvf from a dealer, they'll charge you 10k for a decent one, which will still be 10years + old and a crapload of (unclocked) kms.

    That said, they are awesome bikes.. After riding yak's I dont know how they are learner legal!

    Keep in mind in melbourne you are restricted to 260cc or below (until lams comes in).

    As for which is best to learn on? IMO the rvf isn't a learner bike at all - its essentially a road legal race bike :) The 250 'ninja' is user friendly in all senses.
  3. The RVF is one of the best handling bikes on the planet. Bollocks to the poofy paint job and bodywork, pick up an original one much cheaper and relax in the knowledge that it's not the bike, it's YOU slowing you down.

    Edit - oh, sorry, you're just starting out? The Kawasaki will be easier to ride and gain confidence on, the brakes won't bite as hard, the power won't get you into as much trouble and it'll be a lot more comfy.

    Then, once you're a bit of a gun, get yourself an RVF. Without the poofy paint job.
  4. Jared, wait til you ride the KTM - THAT really shouldn't be learner legal - power wheelies through 50km/h and stonking torque all the way to $1.70 :p

    The Tyga-kitted RVFs are overpriced, but it's one of the best LAMS sports bikes thanks to a very decent front end, great brakes, and 'just about enough for the road' power output. I'm with Loz on this one too, forget the Tyga kit, check out the tail lights and tell me Ducati didn't copy them for the 748?

    Okay, that said - forget both the Ninja and the RVF. A cheap old naked 250 would best suit a new rider (think Spada/VTR250 etc). You'll probably drop your first bike, and fairings cost money - you might get left behind on straights and sweepers, but they're a boatload of fun in tight stuff.
  5. +1 million.
  6. Better yet, a pre-dropped VTR250*, because then it will have learned its lesson and won't fall over again! :grin:

    (* Well, provided there's no fueltank or ducktail damage - If it's only fallen over while stationary or at very low speed, only the levers, pegs, handlebar ends and perhaps the muffler should be damaged. Levers are $10, muffler will be replaced anyway with a sexy stainless-steel glasspack muffler for $500, good as new!)
  7. i went out and grabbed a cbr250rr with scrapes on both sides and a few fairing cracks for about 3500 ....

    since then its been parked on grass -> dropped
    didnt put down the side stand properly -> dropped
    my brother was in an accident on it -> dropped

    its not hard to really rack up the dollars, thank god my brothers crash wasnt his fault thought and the other feller's insurance is paying few my new set of fairings :p

    the cbr250rr is plenty fast, but i test rode an RVF400 too and fell in love, theyre a great bike but really damn powerful ... the RVF was doing 70 in 1st gear without stressing at all. handled like a raging bull too. it was a bit scarey to tell the truth, because its a bit too much power for someone who hasnt ridden before

    the most practical thing to learn on though isnt an I4 250 or a V4 400 but you will figure out for yourself if you go test ride a few, and if your going for practicality a twin will probably suit you better because youll find your power band on the road a little easier than an I4 will. oh by the way my mates gs500 has tonnes of low down power and goes nice too. its really practical and you might consider one of them over a new ninja?
    its probably better bang for your buck, but as they all say, sit on them all before picking your bike

    good luck
  8. VFR without a doubt. They look way better than the Ninja's and the power and handling will be way better on a race replica v4 vs a commuter p2 250 with ZXR fairings.