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New ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by lockie, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. My new 2012 R1, picked up today.


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  2. Nice. But why the training wheels? Ha.
    You ever had a bike longer than a year? Just looking at your previous bikes.
  3. That bike looks EVIL
  4. Very nice. What'd you upgrade from?
  5. Upgrade from a Street Triple R - great bike but felt like a change.

    Haha yea definitely training wheels - someone else just said the same thing to me! Nah haven't had a bike longer than a year yet, which is silly and expensive but may as well make the most of it while I can. The joys of still living at home haha
  6. He's coming off a friendly Triple onto a mad man R1, he'd be crazy not to stick the training wheels on :rofl:
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  7. haha the triple wasn't that friendly - feeling pretty slow on the R1 on the streets compared to it, so far at least. Very tall gearing to contend with now.
  8. Another pic after a short ride yesterday. Damn Brisbane rain is ruining my weekend though.

  9. Stunning Lockie.......what a weapon....
  10. Nice colour that. Enjoy that motor!
  11. haha cheers - the sound of the motor is something else. Very easy to ride in most conditions except the really slow sub 30km/h stuff... hoping for a fine weekend to get properly acquainted with it though.
  12. That R1 is a nice looking bike mate, well done!
  13. Found A mode yet? Definately NOT for commuting around town or putting around at slow speeds. Great for everything else though.
  14. nice color on the R1, enjoy :)
  15. haha yea been having a play with the modes. Good fun cruising around in B or STD and then switching to A and nailing it a bit... definitely wakes you up a bit. Hoping to get a proper ride or two in on the weekend to give it a proper go.
  16. NICE! Love the R1's. (y)
  17. I got rid of my Street Triple a month ago, replaced it with a new Sprint GT very comfy. Just bought a 08 model R1 for fun, now I have two bikes.
    The R1 takes your breath away.
    Nice ride hope you get out soon to run it in.
  18. Nice bike! I was thinking of getting one but couldn't justify the extra cost for TC - my test ride failed to make it engage, and I've only made the back of mine step out of line a few times...

    +1 to above, A mode is definitely not for commuting :p
  19. yea havent seen the TC light flicker yet, but then havent really given it a good go either
  20. Nice bike, judging by your signature you don't keep them for long haha.