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New ride...

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Miraz, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. A pre-loved 2006 CBR1100xx...few changes in the pipeline for this one...

  2. You're on a hat trick.
  3. The other two are for sale, this one is staying for a while...
  4. Beautiful black bike :)
  5. Nice Bike. They were on my shortlist if I decide to get a tourer.

    I wholeheartedly approve of this product and/or service.
  6. NICE geoff! do love absolutely!
  7. I'd love a super black bird as a sport tourer....sooooo much potential there!
  8. It's an awesome machine, having a ball with it so far....great late night run last night in the rain. The effortless power and stability is so seductive...
  9. I wholeheartedly approve of this product and/or service.[/QUOTE]

    I recognise a Simpson quote anywhere!

    A new bike is always exciting, congrats!
  10. They are a nice thing, the old blackbird.
  11. It's gone through a few changes, so I thought a new photo was probably in order...

    - Change of Colour
    - New Screen
    - Carbon Akra Exhaust
    - Penske 8891 Rear Shock + new spring
    - Adjustable Fork Cartridges and uprated springs

    Really enjoying this bike now....

  12. i can understand why
  13. My perfect bike garage definitely includes a super blackbird :D
  14. Nice transformation, Miraz.
    Bike looks the goods, though it did also in former livery. Change is as good as a holiday - I think you've struck the Round-The-World-All-Expenses Covered-Boat Cruise with this !
    Enjoy :)
  15. Kewl bike Miraz
    How do you find the Penske ? It must corner on rails, and have heaps more feel now if those shocks are as good as I'm hearing for the price.
    I was thinking of getting an Ohlins for the Viffer. But my Bro in the states reckons I am mad to pay the extra for a Viffer that will never see the track.
  16. I've not taken it on track yet, will do that next week.

    On the road it makes the bike very stable, the difference really shows when the road and/or weather conditions are bad....where it continues to find grip and remains predictable....ask Nickers, he's followed me through some pretty foul conditions...
  17. 'Foul' is an understatement ...LOL !!!!
    I haven't been that wet for a long time !
    But yes Miraz, the Blackbird was certainly planted (y)
  18. It wasn't the best night was it - although the run up the highway at the end with the lightning closing in ranks as one of my favorite rides so far

    When are we going to do it again?
  19. Early Feb ?
    I have annual leave from late Jan-->mid Feb (2012, of course)

    I so have to hit the Old Road again...this time in leathers ;)