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New Ride - ZZR600

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Tweetster, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Woooohoooooooo!! Got meself a Chrissy pressie \\:D/

    I can't ride it for a while, but it's the bike I wanted in the colour I wanted at the right price. Looks pretty good too!! Not sure how I'm gonna keep my hands off it until I can (legally) ride it, but I can sit on it, stare at it and stroke it! :D

    As always, BIG thanks to partner grange for his assistance and support in organising things to make this happen! Thanks sweetie!! =D>


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  2. Nice! Maybe you could take it to a track for some practice?
  3. Nice............

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  4. how long till u can ride it?
  5. Very nice! Good pick up Tweets :)
  6. Nice...but looks a bit girly to me. :wink:

    I expect you'll complete the family one day?
  7. The last time that I looked, Tweetster had the attributes of a female, therefore it would be appropriate that she was to ride a "girly" bike....
  8. Thanks guys :grin:

    ....the bike only has a little bit of pink on it!!.... :D.... But just enough eh!! :woot:
  9. ...under a year and counting!!... counting nearly every damn second!! :wink:

  10. Holy crap, Nearly a year......umm you must have good self control...I'd be on it already8-[ and getting in trouble no doubt..

  11. Hence the wink...not that I've looked. :)
  12. It might be awhile till tweets can ride it, but it is the type of bike that she wanted to get when it is time to upgrade.
    Was a bonus that it is the colour she wanted as well, at a good price.
    How many times, when it's time to upgrade, that you can't find the bike that you want.
    She is lucky that she will have what she wants, when it's the right time to ride it....
  13. That looks a treat tweets!
    I rode a zzr600 (somewhat not legally) about 5 months ago, what a blast!
    I think im going to skip it when my time comes and go straight to the 1100.
  14. ....I've sat on grange's 1100 and I can't touch the ground with both feet, unless on extreem tiptoe!!.... I'll stick with the 600!! :D
  15. ...lol... girlie for a reason right??... :p

    well grange has the ZZR1100, so all we are missing is the ZZR1200 :-k Maybe if grange upgrades to a 1200, I can get the seat lowered on his 1100 :LOL:
  16. Nice looking ride, you'll have a blast when its time to ride it.
    I've got the zzr 1200 its a sensational bike but i am not selling, and my wifes feet cant touch the ground on it either :LOL:
  17. We bought my second bike at the same time as my first from the same dealership. I had to ride around on my 250cc for 12 months before upgrading to the 1100, and had no choice but to look at it every day, whilst actually counting down the number of days before I could ride it, not to mention dreaming about the first ride, so I know what you are going through. Nice bike, Tweetster, I like the pink bits (Im a girl too).
  18. I like pink bits as well but im a guy bahahaha :angel:

    Nice bike, i like the ZZR models. you dont happen to live on a street that starts in C and ends in H in penriff do ya? (dont wanna disclose where you live) i saw a bike exactly the same as yours parked in the driveway on my girlfriends street, and if it is your bike, look accross the road and to your right a bit and you might see a banged up black ZZR250 parked there sometimes :p
  19. Excellent "do everything" bike, the ZZR. Great choice. You'll love it. BTW, the suggestion about doing a track day or two on it is a pretty sensible one.
  20. You wanted that colour? Not bagging it or anything, but it doesn't seem like a very popular colour.
    Anyway I'm sure you will have a blast with it. Good luck with the wait!