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New 'Ride' Video Game for 2015

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Mouth, Feb 14, 2015.

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  1. Milestone, developers of the MotoGP and SBK video games are soon to release their latest game - Ride - on 20th March ( which just happens to be my birthday! :D ).

    Ride promises to be the game for people who want to live the experience of racing and riding at its fullest. It will bring together more than a hundred bikes belonging to fourteen of the world's major manufacturers, divided into four different categories: Historic, Naked, Super and Sport Bikes. Moreover, gamers will be able to race on historic circuits, country roads or city streets.

    “RIDE” is a unique motorcycle experience designed for bike lovers who live and breathe the world of motorcycling. The game features the most eminent manufacturers and their most famous and prestigious models. Live the “RIDE” experience at full throttle through a wide variety of race modes. Thanks to the involvement of so many manufacturers you can customise your bike to an unprecedented degree: take your pick from the abundance of parts, components and accessories available. Travel around the globe on fifteen different tracks that offer a world of thrills and challenges, whatever your own riding style. Participate in unique international events on the various tracks, and take on other players from around the world in the all-new online multiplayer modes.

    Gaming platforms supported are Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, STEAM, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4

    Ride is available for Pre-Order from JB-HiFi for $90 and EB Games for $100

    Ride on four different bikes classes and up to 100+ available models. Even the electric bikes will be available! On Ride you will find: NAKED BIKES, SUPERSPORTS BIKES, SUPERBIKES BIKES, HISTORICAL BIKES

    Change the appearance and its components to upgrade your bikes. There are five different main areas to improve:
    • APPEARANCE (Livery from official catalogue, Turn Signals, Rear Plate, Side Mirrors, Brakes and Shifter Levers, handlebar, Grips)
    • TRANSMISSION (Gear, Quick Shifter, Chain)
    • BRAKES AND SUSPENSIONS (Brakes Disc, Brake Disc Caliper, Brakes Lines, Suspension)
    • WHEELS (Wheel Rims, Tires)
    • ENGINE (Eletronic Control Unit, Air Filter, Prepared Head, Oil Replacement, Exhaust)
    Get ready to Ride your bike on 15 different locations. Each track has up to three different paths. Race on 7 circuits inspired by the Grand Prix or explore 5 routes through beautiful landscapes from around the world. Try the two dedicated city circuits, recreated in minute detail. Test your skills on an incredible special track where truly expert riders can push themselves beyond the limit.

    Customise your bike: you can customise and upgrade every aspect of your bike. Just change its look or improve its performance with new parts. Why not do both? Now you can. Customise your rider: choose from a range of rider models, liveries and race suits.

    The World Tour is more than a simple sequence of events. Accept the challenge and reach for the ultimate goal: take your rider all the way to the top of the international rankings.
    Single race: Up to 16 riders in a single race, on one track and in one class.
    Championship: Up to 16 riders compete in an event with 3 or more races.
    Time Trial: Give it your best shot! Try to beat the record on each track.
    Track Day Challenge: Overtake as many rivals as you can before the time runs out.
    Drag Race: Select the right setup, change gears at just the right moment, and reach the end of the straight in the lowest time possible.
    Endurance: Two riders take turns riding the same bike along the same long route: who will be the fastest?

    • Circuit Races (up to 16 riders)
    • Realistic Artificial Intelligence
    • Adjustable Bike Physics
    • Realistic Animations
    • Slipstream
    • Rewind Effect
    • Improved Damage System
    • Customisable Bikes
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  2. I'm so excited about this it isn't funny. Bring. It. On!!!

    Got a PS4 and only just realised this was coming out a couple weeks ago. Pumped.

    What they need in a game like this is an extensive licensing system similar to Gran Tourismo. As in, you learn the advanced stuff like real life giving you better handling etc.

    Is there traffic in the city courses? Haven't seen any yet.

    Also....a Road Rash mode would be sweet. (Oh god please bring back a proper Road Rash game)
  3. The graphics and the dynamics are a bit average IMO. Looks like last decade really.
    Not sure what all the excitement is about.

    But still probably better than nothing (that's what we realistically have around bike games today).
  4. Oohh yeah been looking for a gp game cant find them anywhere but this i gues next best thing
  5. Motorcycle games always suck, the handling is never right, the way they turn just feels wrong. MotoGP and SBK weren't great games either.

    Its like they take a car racing game engine and just replace the cars with bikes and job done.
  6. Agreed, motorbike games have never got it right. The physics in this look just as terrible.

    Not buying.

    Bike games never had a Dave Kaemmer....
  7. The best MC racing game I've played (and still do) is probably the 2009 WSBK for PC.
    Very strange to call it "the best" game after 6 years!

    Still the steering and everything pretty pad.
    But it is at least a bit more playable and a little bit more realistic.
  8. Have you any images so plz share with us i have no idea what are you talking about...:meh:
  9. I was wondering, to take a right corner, do you steer right on the controller, or counter-steer left?
  10. It would be great if they incorporated the two analog sticks to control the bike. As in the left stick controls the steering/counter steer and the right stick controls leaning off the rider. Acceleration and be the R buttons etc.
  11. Looks like utter puss....

    Never played a good Moto video game/sim - they are always horrendous....
  12. A demo for the game will be available to download from tomorrow, the developer has announced.

    The demo promises to offer up these options:
    • Quick Race game mode
    • 1 Country Track (Sierra Nevada)
    • 1 Naked Heavyweight bike
    • 1 Superbike
    • 1 Supersport bike
    The demo will be available on all planned platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

    *Demo version is available only on European online stores, except Steam version.
    ... http://store.steampowered.com/
  13. Sweet, I'll be downloading the demo. Don't give a rats what others say, I'm still pretty pumped for this.
  14. The clips look better on Steam than on YouTube - the 2nd one above (1st clip on Steam) looks notably better than the other clip.

    The recommended system requirements for PC are fairly hefty, so hopefully these clips are the console versions and will scale up better with a stouter PC. If this is aimed somewhat at non-gamer or casual gaming Motorcyclists on PC, they might also be avoiding demos that look too good so that modest-specced PC owners won't feel let down or cheated.

    Given the number and diversity of bikes (there's even the Lightning electric Superbike) and the locations, as well as the opportunity for a rider's seat view and sound of many quite different models, this could be a decent pseudo test-ride experience for reasons other than just racing, and even better at the price options on Steam (and better still if you're willing to wait a while).

    If I get a chance before I head off for a few days, I'll give it a run and see how it goes on this less-than-current desktop PC, and maybe a few others can offer their impressions as well as listing the system spec for a better comparison to how the YouTube transcoding has mangled the footage (it's even crapped it up a good bit at 1080P compared to Steam).
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  15. #16 Barters81, Mar 20, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
    The demo is 4.2gb.....

    I've got a ps4 and a half decent PC so will try out on both to see what the difference is.

    My PC specs aren't fantastic but ok I guess. i7 4770, 16gb RAM, GTX770 4gb....bugger just read the recommended settings and you need a GTX780......wtf?

    EDIT: So yeah the demo isn't on PSN yet.
  16. Played the demo and pre ordered the game, Play good, Best bike game yet, My all time fav is tourist trophy though!
  17. Yeah I played it too. My only negative is it doesn't feel 'fast'. Pretty cool though.
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  18. yeah I did notice that but wasnt sure if it was just my slow pc, Looks like the best so far tho and Im looking forward to the jb hifi pre order bonus!
  19. I just went through and bumped up all the graphics and video settings (AA to 4x) and it ran nice and smooth apart from dropping a few frames here and there (rarely). Finally started figuring out thta I should be using the rear brake to tip into corners etc which assisted in turning faster.

    Also just took a good look through the customization part.......*drool.

    Turned off a lot of the racing aids and started to get the knack of it. I notice in the videos that there is a riders point of view which I can't work out, or don't know is in the demo.

    I'll definitely be buying it though just to race bikes I know and can sit on at the local dealer. My brother has a new Street triple R, so I sent him a photo of me doing a race on it........he'll be here in 20 to try himself. =D