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new ride to Ballarat!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fred gassit, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Hey all, mate of mine works for the city of Ballarat, and upon chin wagging on the email, ( sore finger too cahn)

    apparently there is a run arranged from the old melbounr ejail to Ballarat on the 3rd of December.

    its to do with the direct descendants of the Eureka Stockade leaders 0f 1854 invite you to attend the inaugural "Eureka Run" !!!

    mmm, looks good, will look into this so more.

    has anyone else heard of this, personally, i think a ride on a saterday is good, can tell the boss the granny's died again, and the hole diggin is in ballarat!! :LOL:
  2. it was posted by someone else yesterday, too, fred, but the thread seems to have disappeared, so perhaps it was conflicting with something else already organised here.
  3. The event is actually already listed on the Netrider calender (just checked) so perhaps this is why the thread was deleted? It's actually part of Eureka week in Ballarat - details of other events can be found at:
    Won't be taking part in the ride obviously but might still check it out if I'm not busy that day.
  4. no, it had MRA in the post.

    one of mine about the MRA OZ GP RUN was deleted last week too :evil:
  5. fark,

    crikey, deleted cos its a mra assisted ride

    come on now,

    better go for a blat ( FRooook)
  6. Actually I never mentioned MRA at all in that post...
    the post was...

    Since it was an MRA member that added it to the events calendar I wouldn't get too paranoid (it's still in the Calendar :LOL: )

    It would be polite though if when a thread was deleted that the person who deletes it sends a PM to explain why... :evil:

    It might stop this sort of paranoia! :LOL:
  7. This sounds like my sorta ride, count me in !

  8. I do believe thats what I found in the Netrider FAQ, but obviously the moderators don't abide by their own rules :x

    I'm sure this thread will be deleted within the next half hour too :evil:
  9. what!!!!

    lousy commies

  10. well will ya look at this

    Free membership (small once-off processing fee applies)
    Extensive motorbike links directory
    Business partners offerring member discounts
    Special events (eg. free Xmas BBQ)
    Highly active discussion forums
    Newsletters and motorcycling articles
    Photo gallery to view and upload pictures
    Ride and events calendar open to all

    mmm, me thinks Saddam is back in power, hey, Saddam, get a porkuopine up ysa
  11. hey, big ears, what ya doin,
    fancy a fang round the tar

    hoot n holler all the way's i reacon
  12. yer, pink ribbon comming up soon!

    be careful on the eureka run Freddy cos they're meeting at the old melbourne gaol, you might get thrown in the clink mate!
  13. You guys are funny.

    I'm loving this site already.
  14. hey, hows will i sees ya, oh yeah, big ears, big MOUTH!!!!!!!!
  15. :roll: No

    :roll: It was a duplicate, and either merged or deleted.

    The sandpits over there ---->
  16. mouth, move over, your hogging the tractor, and vic said stop eating thesand, the cats been in it

    ( only joking)(

    pruuuup pruuup pruuup
  17. Exactly.

    Generally PM's are sent. Sometimes they aren't. It would be polite if people followed the guidelines.

    Don't go to Gippsland, they are still waiting on deliveries of extra tinfoil for hats.
  18. YES

    there was no duplicate, the heading was originally edited not to include MRA and then it was deleted
  19. Fred is a bad influence :D
  20. I met and spoke at length to some of the MRA lads and gals who were marshalling on Saturday.

    They seem like good people and I applaud their work.

    I'm new here and reading some old posts there seems to be quite an anti-MRA feeling among a few here which doesn't appear warranted.

    Seems to me at least they are out there fighting for our rights and improving our image to the general public. They should be encouraged not torn down.