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QLD New ride NSW to QLD rego questions.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kale87s, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. G'day all, I'm currently overseas in Afghanistan but seen this 2006 VTR 1000 on-line advertised near my Dad's place so sent him some money & he now owns it for me. He lives in Coffs harbour NSW & I plan on "buying" it off him & riding it back to my place in Townsville QLD.


    To register it in QLD I know I need a safety certificate, proof of purchase/origin & CTP. the way I plan to ride it up is to leave it in his name but have all the paperwork signed so as once I'm in Townsville I can just express post the number plate to him the he can take it with the rego papers to the motor registry cancel the rego. Can anyone see how I could run in to problems doing that?

    the next this is it has after market pipes with baffles fitted so as to not be too loud. problem is can I pass a QLD safety certificate with non OEM pipes?
  2. No problems. All you need is proof of ownership and saftey cert and you can register it. CTP will be paid when you register it in QLD. As long as your dad does not cancel the rego then its still registered and can be ridden in QLD and CTP will be via NSW rego. Rules say you have 14 days to change it over, however in the past I have had taken a lot longer than that to transfer interstage rego with no problems!

    Your old man wont need to sign any paperwork. QLD transport wont transfer from NSW so its basically the same as registering and unregistered bike. You can surrender the NSW plate to QLD Transport when you change it over.

    PS. dont buy it of your old man, have him gift it to you. Save you in stampy duty ;)
  3. I'm not sure about what TRA says that Qld won't transfer from NSW, but see this link and make up your own mind.


    Also, as was correctly pointed out, if your dad gives the bike to you then there's no stamp duty payable. Not sure if this negates the need for a safety certificate, though. Probably worth someone calling Qld Transport to ask about the safety certificate.

  4. You will need a QLD safety cert to rego it up here.
    There was another thread on here and someone said you dont need a safety cert to sell in NSW. If his is the case then take the gift and just pay the $78 to get one up here.
    Have a good ride up. If your going the coast way watch between Cooroy - Chinchilla. The plods are hammering it at the moment.
  5. cheers for the replies, I think I was getting confused as I have a Qld license but that wont make a difference & 14 days will be plenty of time to get a roadworthy then visit Queensland transport to transfer rego.

    Does anybody know tho if I can pass a roadworthy with after market pipes?

    thanks again.
  6. Did you find Bin Ladens stash? :)
  7. Definatly cant transfer to QLD. I have first hand experience with it! What I did not know was you could claim a refund on the interstate rego, bugger. Missed out on a few bucks over the years!

    When you register it in Queensland, you have to jump through the same hoops as if it were an unregistered vehicle basically. Ie, Saftey, proof of ownership, and for vehicles that need to be inspected at TMR add that in. When you register it, its either for the standard 6 or 12 months.

    Full list is here: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/Registrat...egistering-motor-vehicles-and-motorbikes.aspx
  8. Cheers, by the time I get it home it will only have a month or so of rego left so wont be to worried about getting that refunded.

    My only real concern now is getting those pipes through a roadworthy.
  9. Yes you can pass with non oem pipes provided they meet the required decibel levels. If as you day its not super loud you won't have a drama. Rising sun are pretty good mechanics too.
  10. If they have the baffles in I never check them. I'm wondering how many shops would have a sound meter and know the process to measure the sound.