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New ride here!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by peter-reebok, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. been informed my Ducati Monster 100 EVO will be ready b4 next week.

    Woo Hoo.

    Currently riding a Suzuki M109R, which I have modded too much over the last 4 years, and find myself the subject of a few too many glances by the constabulary. Straight thru pipes will do that on an 1800 LOL. And that was the start of it.

    Will be trying desperately to not change this one. But who am I kidding?
  2. You like change, don't you Peter? :LOL:

    You've had the 109 for 4 years? Wow, it seems like only yesterday you were talking about buying it....
  3. Good one, Peter. Pics and rider report as soon as you get it, ok?
  4. Just about to leave and pick it up. Woo Hoo.

    may handle a bit differently from the 109 LOL
  5. congrats and post pics of both bikes, wouldnt mind seeing the 109
  6. Ducati Monster 1100 EVO

    You lucky bastard - one of my dream machines

    I'd be interested to read what it is like to live with. Please post.

    Congrats mate (y)
  7. Longer post coming.

    Short answer - no more pushin the envelope, I just got a bigger envelope!

    Managed to make the ride from ringwood to ferntree gully last about 75 klms.

    Very very different to the 109.

    And that sound! Plenty of crackle and pop on overrun too.
    Might get twice the mileage from the front tyre, it spends plenty of time off the ground.
    And yes, I took some pics too!

    Be patient!
  8. ^ Excellent :D
  9. couple of pics!

    From the sublime to the ridiculous!.

    Will really make cornering fun now. (and commuting)

    Attached Files:

  10. Very nice bike. I like. I want.

  11. Very nice choice, i can see that being a lot of fun everywhere lol

    Great choice, enjoy :)
  12. Sometimes change is thrust on you.
    Had a. Stroke in may, limited use of left hand. With two knackered knees, 1 knackered hip, and a memory like jello (not really, that is my excuse).
    Hydraulic clutch on Ducati, 220 kg lighter was my reasoning.
    Some more surgery on Monday, should have more use of left hand then.
    And I have done a few klms on the 109. Qld a few times, Adelaide, laps of the alpine region, and everyday commuting for 4 years.

    And I still get to work 6 days a week!
  13. Congrats, very nice ride!

    Once you have ridden it a bit more, you may find the gearing is a little tall. Drop the front sprocket to a 14t and it makes a world of difference. It makes 2nd, 3rd and 4th a lot more usable. It's an easy $50 mod as you don't need to drop any links in the chain. Plus it makes the front lift even easier :p
  14. Wow. Hope all goes well for you.

    AWESOME Bike. Love it. (y)
  15. ordered the bike from new with a 14T sprocket. Casual surfing indicates all newer ducatis are overgeared.
    Agree with your comments on its validity though.
    a gear/rpm chart made the change clear. handy to have more than one gear for the usual speeds - 40, 60, 70, 80 and 100.
  16. Hand is healing up after surgery.
    Only done 400 klms so far, but the difference in bikes is huge!

    Really loving the choices of lines in corners, and the grunt of the bike.
    That sound is very gratifying.

    So easy to flick in the twisties, speed in corners is significant fun. Throttle response is immediate and urgent, and the crackle and pop on overrun is ace.

    A great choice.!!!
    very happy
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  17. Good to hear re: hand.
  18. Nice 'upgrade' Peter :)
  19. Went for a quick ride today, FTG to yea, seymour and return.
    Stretched the legs a bit on the bike.

    Just love the cornering envelope now.
    Dont even have to slow down from 100+ unless the corner has a 50 kmh advisory on it. Just move the body, tip it in and keep cruising.

    Mind you, i am used to cruising at 2000 rpm, now it is more like 4500 rpm.
    Just too easy.

    Overtaking is a breeze, and the sound of that engine around 6000 rpm is music.
    When i have a few more klm on it (after 1000 klm svc). Will see what 7500 sounds like. You have to watch the front wheel when taking off, should getbreal good mileage from the front tyre.
    Unfortunately, seat is nowhere as comfortable as the 109, so i will have to toughen up the ass a bit more. Hmmm means i have to ride more!
    Hand held up to the 3 hr ride today. Still sore, and a bit tingly, so no interstate blast just yet.

    Seems like a good choice, wind is not too bad up to the $2 shop, and no real pressure on the wrists if you use your back and legs. Dash is easy to read in all light. Missing a fuel guage though. Have to fill between 150 and 200 klm to make sure itnis not empty. When reserve is reached, thenlight comes on, and the trip meter tells you how far you have gone with the light on. Would be more helpful if it told you how far you could go!
    Chicken strips getting smaller.
  20. If your after a more comfy seat have a look at the touring seat. It's incredibly comfortable compared to the stock seat and it has a more durable finish on the cover.

    Glad to hear your enjoying the bike, they sound amazing over 7.5k :D Although watch out for that rev limiter, it kicks in hard.