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New Ride: 2007 Aprilia SXV 550

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Whiteyy, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Earlier in the year I built a KTM 250 EXC into a supermotard with the wheels off a CBR250 and an oversized GSXR 750 front disc. It felt great to ride with the torquey one cylinder engine, extremely low weight and excellent handling. Unfortunately the bike had some problems in the gearbox, the top speed was too low and the two stroke engine wasn't working well on the road so I sold it.

    I decided there that when I got off LAMS I would get another supermoto, most likely a KTM 640, 690 or a Husky 610. Then I saw the Aprilia SXV and knew I had to have one. Easily the best looking factory supermoto you can buy with a powerful v-twin motor and 180 rear tyre (which in hindsight, isn't a very good thing on a supermoto). After test riding one in Victoria I was sold. The guy wanted way too much for it though, so I got a cheaper one from Sydney. It's got a full titanium Silmoto exhaust, which is deafening, Pro taper bars and has been remapped for racing. It's a very quick bike and doesn't have too much of the vibration you associate with motards.

    Here are some pics

    Attached Files:

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  2. Amazing looking bike. I've always loved these, very jealous :)
  3. Wow, mono machine I'll bet!
    Awesome sm, love the exhaust setup.... any chance of more pics of the bike from different angles?
  4. Weapon!! I know because I have the exact same bike..Hmm silmoto goodness [-(

    What don't you like about the 180 rear?
  5. Sure I'll put up some more pics ASAP.

    The 180 rear just feels a bit slow to tip in, I'm sure I'll get used to it though. At least with a 180 you can put real supersport tyres on it.
  6. Great machine.......

    Gotta love the Ape (y)
  7. How viable are these as an only bike?
  8. Probably about as viable as your KTM Deadsy, they don't like constant throttle or putting around.
  9. What about in terms of maintenance and rebuilds? How many kms?

    Either way, awesome bike that must be lots of fun to ride.
  10. Bike i regret selling the most, will get another.
  11. 300-500KM oil changes, check valves every 2000 or so, 10-15000km rebuilds depending on how hard you ride it. Pretty intense maintenance. It's just been rebuilt at 11,000. And yeah, it's an absolute weapon, so fast.
  12. Some more pics

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  13. looks great but shit, high maintenance, might be cheaper to stay married lol
  14. Fvck that looks unreal from every angle!