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New Ride - 09 CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Crispin, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Bought for my city commute from Mentone to Hawthorn for uni and Melbourne CBD for work. She has so far been a blast to ride and replaced the cage, winter hasn't scared me off one bit but I'm getting overly comfortable wearing long johns haha.

    Hadn't had any scares yet, but I do know that wet tram tracks are not a good riding surface.




  2. This is THE bike to have in the LAMS category, well done..=D>
    Let alone LAMS, it has the potential to give even some unrestricted bikes a run for their money.. One year (got mine 30 June last year) and about 12k kms on, I still love mine to bits!
  3. Yes, nice choice....great bike, reliable, easy to ride and lots of fun
  4. Yeah nice bike, same as mine. Do you go to Swinburne by any chance?
  5. Had this as my first bike. Loved it sooo much. Was heartbroken when I wrote it off! Would get another one in a heart beat.

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  6. Thanks guys, have really enjoyed it so far and couldn't be happier. I was looking at the GS500 but glad i got the CB.

    @Whiteyy: Yeah I do go to Swinburne, Hawthorn campus, haven't ridden in yet but will be soon. I'll park it out the front of the ATC building like the others.
    Do you go to Swinburne?
  7. Has anyone done any mods? Just little things like clip ons, mirrors, levers and heated grips.

    Have been following Rasmen's thread on his mods and will consider some small changes :]
  8. Yeah I go to Swinburne, see you there. Most people park in the motorcycle parking lot near the tafe bit.
  9. I also go to Swinburne :D

    Before my bike got totalled, I use to park in front of the ATC building along burwood road.
  10. Cool guys will hopefully see you both around campus. I'll park at the ATC building I think, I'm in the ATC and EN buildings for the most part.

    What do you two study?
  11. I used to go to Swinburne :) and just also recently got a CB400 in blue.
    Loving it as a first bike.
    I'm still in the Hawthorn area so might see you boys around!
  12. I really liked the CB in blue but ended up with the black one instead hehe.