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New RGV250 Track Bike Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by giggs, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Thought I would jump on here and let you all know about my new project. I have just bought a 1998 VJ22 and I will be building it up as a track bike. My daily ride is a 2010 GSX-R750 and while it is amazingly good at the track, I wanted something that wouldn't cost as much for a major track crash and also something that would teach me how to ride better.

    The bike was bought from a neighbor and hasn't been road registered or ridden for that matter in 3 years so I have some work to do.

    I am blogging all the work I am doing to the bike here (http://rgvtrackbike.wordpress.com/) in the hope that others find it interesting and/or helpful. At the same time, while I am mechanically handy, I have not done this before so I'm hoping anyone that reads it will call me out if I'm doing something stupid or provide suggestions on the way to do something better ;-)

    I hope you enjoy the journey and I welcome any commentary and/or suggestions.


  2. Very nice and thanks. I like it with a lot of moto p0rn.

    I'll be keeping a track on this one.
  3. Only 6 days to go, not there yet but closer.

    Another post in the blog covering the power valves and a bit of a fail with the new triple clamp and steering head bearings!

  4. I was hoping to see an engine in bits, still a good read though.
  5. Were you expecting photos like this:





  6. Yeah those ones :D
    I missed something obvious on your blog didn't I? 8-[
    I think your piston has a bit of a scratch in it btw.
  7. different person...different bike :)
  8. sorry mate I missed your earlier post. It was a $500 "bargain" that had been sitting outside under a cumquat tree for over a year. The tank was full of rusty water, the 2T oil was thinner than the coolant, crack on one barrel across the exhaust port bridge and the exhausts were full of water. She still fired up with fresh fuel!

    Good to see you made it to the track :)
  9. Hey giggs, very nice work on the bike. Is that a folding Easy Trailer? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
  10. It certainly is a folding easy trailer and I'm a big fan. I've been asked about it before on another forum so let me copy paste for you ;-)

    I bought and put together an Easy Trailer a couple of months ago. I think it is fantastic, I don't have the option of keeping a normal trailer where I live and without this there would be no track bike so you can see why I love it.

    It is easy to under estimate the cost though as the prices you see are for the basic kit. I ended up paying $1200 for mine plus another $100 to get it on the road. I bought the 850 (8' long) with the formply floor, 2 of the wheel locks (like a trailer mate, better than the chock), spare wheel, trailer stand, t-nuts and tie down points. They were good to deal with and were happy to give me a discount on the lot together (would have been $1350 odd) so make sure you ask. He was also helpful in what to do to get it registered and who to see.

    Putting it together is not a small job, I wouldn't recommend doing it without an air ratchet (so borrow or hire one) as all the nuts are nyloc and there are lots.

    Here are a few pics, the first one shows why I need a fold up as I park my car in there, the second is what you start with and the last is the almost finished result.


    The only other things I'd add since I first posted this. The wheel locks are awesome, but quite heavy, I think some of the others are a bit lighter. I bought grip tape (used for steps etc) to lay on part of the top so that the wheels would slide around when tied down. I hated the stock number plate setup and ended up putting mine in the center if the trailer with a side light (you'll know if you get an easy trailer).

    Otherwise love the thing, it just took my 2 bikes to Goulburn and back with no issue and it tows well behind the Wrx.

    Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks a lot for the great write up. I have a garage about 1.25 cars wide, at the moment it fits my car and the two bikes, I'm hoping to squeeze one of these trailers in as well.
  12. Good write up, am thinking of getting one of these as a trackie myself. Look like awesome fun.