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New Retro/Cafe Racer Bike Types?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by retrorider1, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, this thread has probably been overdone already but I couldn't find any decent answers by using the search function.

    I'm looking for a new retro style/cafe racer bike for after my L's. I've had a look and found some styles I like but they are either discontinued or have to be imported. Ultimately I am happy to do that if they are really worth it but I thought I would get opinions first before I go into any big decisions.

    The ones I have seen and really like the look of are

    Honda CB750,
    Kawasaki W650,
    Suzuki Tu250x,
    Yamaha Virago

    Also as a final note I don't really want anything too powerful (I realise the CB750 is exactly this but using it more as a style example), as this will make it too expensive (probably limited to under 7-8K if possible) and I will also only really be using it for commuting within the city.

    Lastly I would preferably like a NEW one as the current bike I ride is second hand and has given me a handful of issues while I've had it.
  2. The Kawasaki W800 and the Triumph Bonneville T100 are the pick of the retros available

    You're said you've got a 7-8K budget but then said you want a new bike, that restricts your choice to mostly 250's and most of those are not retro styled and the ones that are aren't very well done.

    I think you need to re examine your criteria before you go further...
  3. You can look at the Triumph Bonneville or Thruxton. You can get a 2nd hand one for Under $8K if you can negotiate well.

    All the modern bits and pieces with older styling. Worth a look anyway.
  4. I've had a look at them and unfortunately they run at around 10-12K even used. I've seen one or two around 8K but all with really high milage (20K-600K). It does seem that this style of bike seems to be pretty well reserved for those with a bit of cash to splash but there must be some cheaper options around.
  5. Lots of fairly low km CB400s around the $7-8K mark. Retro styling (just not as retro as a Bonny), not too powerful.
  6. 20K is not high mileage. And for 8K probably not a bad buy. But depends what you are actually after.
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  7. Not sure what they are like. But there is also the Royal Enfield Bullet at about $7500.
  8. If you're cashed up you can see douche ex machina (and no thats not a spelling mistake!)
  9. Forget the TU or Virago 250s, they're good as a first bike but not something you'd want to "upgrade" to.

    Your budget rules out most other new bikes, so your best option would be a modern grey import SR400. There's plenty of them about, and they're about the simplest bike you can get as far as repair/service costs go (I reckon you could rebuild the engine on one for less than the depreciation on a new TU250X).
  10. on a related note..... F**K me the cb1100 is heavy,
    its in cruiser territory as far as pushing it is concerned
  11. Iv'e seen CB400s, with low k's, at 4~6 grand on bikesales.
    Stay away from anything sumoto has touched as well, search them on here to find out why.
  12. I wouldn't mind getting a grey import of either the SR400 or W650. However from a precursory glance there doesn't seem to be a good place in Sydney to get them from, at least not as well noted as locations in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  13. I had a quick look at the Government list of companies approved to import/compliance SR400s and there is one in NSW, specifically:
    Don't know anything else about them though.

    Edit: Oh and that same workshop is also approved to import W650s and W400s as well.
  14. Royal Enfields are 9.5k brand new, gorgeous bikes. They get bashed a lot for unreliability but I had one for 4-5000kms and never had any issues besides the battery taking a while to settle and a tiny oil drip. Not everyone's cup of tea but it's pretty nimble and spritely (to my limited experience, and considering it's no sports bike).
  15. I rode a Enfield in India, it was good there as speed was slow, but I dont think it would be faster than a ninja 250 so not sure about Australia if you do much highway.

    Second hand bonnie seems much better
  16. you can just buy the tu250x brand new suzuki still make them there is one in my local shop no clue on price thought
  17. I don't know whether the Bonnie is better or not, but the Enfield has no troubles whatsoever with highway speeds. I used to ride probably 300kms p/w, a lot of that at $1.10 on the freeway or whatever. As I've mentioned in my old posts, the top speed may only be 130ish, but it gets to like 110-120 pretty quickly (I'd imagine, since if I had ever gone that fast, you'd have read about the kitten massacre it caused). Again, no sports bike, but i never had any trouble either keeping up or overtaking at freeway speeds. Not trying to push anyone into the Enfield, I did sell mine after all, but if you like retro stylings, it's worth a look
  18. :-s So you only owned it for 3 or 4 months? Hardly seems anywhere near long enough to get a true idea of reliability IMO.
  19. Buy the Enfield, then, when it blows up, you can sell it to me for $2k so I can put a diesel in it :D.
  20. I had it for just under a year, just didn't ride much to start with when I was learning. And I'd say 5000kms, while not definitive, is still a decent test