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QLD New resident restricted to LAMS?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rt49, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I will be moving to Australia next December and would like to ask you guys something related to motorcycle licences in Queensland. I currently hold an unrestricted motorcycle licence in my home country (have had it for almost two years) and have been informed that it will only be valid for three months after I arrive in Australia. After that, I will need to get a licence issued by the government of Queensland, having to take a written road rules test and a practical driving test.

    What I'm not sure about is whether I will be able to ride any bike or just LAMS bikes upon passing the tests.

    Eagerly waiting for your answers so I can start deciding what bike to get once I get there!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Yes, I have read that page. My licence is from Argentina, which is not listed in that page. As far as I know, this only means that I would have to take the tests in order to get a QLD licence, but it doesn't say anything regarding whether my foreign riding experience would be considered.
  3. Other countries
    The requirements for getting a Queensland driver licence can vary, depending on where your licence was issued and the licence class you want to apply for.

    Hmmmmmm reading the above from their website tells me you will need to speak to that department directly, get ready for 'Australian red tape' :facepalm:. Good luck with it and hopefully a QLD local may be able to shed some light on the subject.
  4. "country not listed, you will need to pass a written road rules test and practical driving test to get a Queensland driver licence."

    I'd interpret that to mean you'll need to pass a written and practical test and you'd get a corresponding licence. Is your Argentina licence written in English? If not, you'll need to provide a translation as well.

    Once you pass the tests you should be good to go and not be restricted.
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  5. Yup that's the way I read it to 16S1000R16S1000R ;)
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  6. licencing requirements are also visa/residency dependant, what will be your visa classification?
  7. Glad to hear that!

    I will be providing a translation, as the licence is not written in English.
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    The visa is for permanent residency. Does that change anything?
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  9. That's the one you need.
  10. When I returned to Oz I only had a Chinese licence and had to do same re: written and practical test. Once passed they put me straight onto corresponding open licence. Would assume would be same for you, although not certain re: restricted or unrestricted bike licence.
  11. All great answers gentlement :)

    But basically yes:

    1) get the license translated by a proper accredited translator (not any will do) can cost $80-$120 per page.

    2) take that to the nearest QLD transport office and get them to tell you on the spot what forms etc to fill out.

    They'll assess what you need there and book you for the written exam and book you for a driving exam.

    Generally need to pay a deposit to hold a spot in the cue for driving exams.

    As far as the motorbike license goes - it's left ambiguous for a reason - they wanna see you on the spot whether to recommend you to Qride or u do a test with them....

    Where are you based rt49rt49? :)
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  12. If you need more info and you come to the Gold Coast let me know. One good friend is a driving instructor and can potentially help out :)
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  13. Thanks everyone for your replies.

    ValvolineValvoline , I don't think I'll be too far away from the Gold Coast, so I'll probably give you a shout.

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  14. This may be a silly question, but...

    If I won't know whether they will issue a restricted licence or not then I'll have to wait until after the tests in order to buy a bike (either a LAMS approved bike or any bike, depending on their verdict)...

    So would you recommend renting a bike to take the test? Is there anything else I can do?
  15. Depending which they tell you it may even be better to "hire" a bike for the day and through what they call the QRide system. Where you do "trainings" and skills for a day or so and they access you along the way - which is the equivalent to doing your exam.

    It's worth while anyway because they teach you good habits, skills and at the very worst they remind you and refresh emergency braking etc :)
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  16. For q-ride you get to use one of the school's bike for the test
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  17. Got it!

    Thank you, gents! Appreciate it!