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New Record!? 10km's on brand new bike before faulty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Crashtastic, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. So today, I'm pretty sure I set a new world record. I picked up my brand new Hyosung yesterday. I made it to the servo, putting a grand total of 10KM on the clock.

    Go to take off, starter motors cooked. (Checked w/ multimeter)

    The dealer will be getting a phone call tomorrow. Here's hoping they're up for transport costs.

    I know Hyos have a terrible reputation with everything electronic, but something must be afoot here. The 10KMs was pretty fun though, like the bike when it starts.
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  2. I like my starter motors medium rare. How's yours?

    Seriously though.
    Did you leave it at the servo? Will it be safe o/night?
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  3. Oh that sucks balls man!

    There's somebody else with a lemon Hyo on here, can't remember who!
  4. Had a race car that ate starters. Could rebuild a motor in 9.8 minutes. (Yes we timed). So well done, from experience.

    The dealer gave me 12 months RACV roadside, so it's at their depot awaiting arrangements to get it to the dealer.
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  5. I feel for you. Hyo's are cheap, but that just sucks.
  6. Yeah I recall another thread with Hyo a week or so ago. Shocking. i di hear any of the sort with jap bikes. Hope the dealer fixes it. May be a loose connection?
  7. Nawh, measured 13v at the motor terminal. Had good earth too, so either the motor, or the wire crapping out at high current.
  8. Wooow this is becoming ridiculous
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  9. that sucks here's hoping you get it repaired quickly and back on the road
  10. Update #1. Peter Stevens Dandenong should be sending (awaiting confirmation from the boss) the apprentice down in the work ute (~200KM) first thing tomorrow to grab the bike, then give it a full once over of all the electronics.
  11. Hope they get you back on the road soon. At least the warranty will cover the repairs which is handy because some of these Asian bikes are costly to fix .......

    images (2).
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  12. Man you guys are so calm, I'd be spitting tacks if my brand new bike (or car) just broke down on day 1. Used - then ok, there is a slight risk, but brand new!!! Faaarrrccckkkk!
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  13. Oh, I'm primed and ready to go.

    However I'll always be calm and polite when dealing with service providers, and I find they're usually more then willing to help me out if I'm nice about things. If they start stuffing me around, I'll politely request exactly how I want them to fix the situation. If they don't meet those requests? That's when I'll get cranky.
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  14. Agreed, but I just don't expect a brand new frigging unit to break!! And when it does, I expect the dealer/seller to be bloody quick and fix everything. It's the inconvenience as well as the disappointment. Sorry not trying to make this worse for you believe it or not, hope they sort it out quick or demand another one...
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  15. I wasn't meaning to say you're a fool if you were to get mad in this situation. I wouldn't blame anyone if they did. The dealers willing to come to town with the issue, and it seems that they're doing all they can at the moment, so that helped to calm me somewhat.

    Plus, I took most of my anger out in the form of colourful language directed at the bike at the time.
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  16. My guess is the bike doesn't understand English... if that was your chosen language.
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  17. To be a little fair it is an actual phenomenom that things fail both early and late in their life and are at their most reliable in the middle. It's call the bathtub curve:

    Bathtub curve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Lots of vehicles have failures before their first service and once fixed never have a problem again.
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  18. Here's hoping that's the case here. Honestly, I'm going to try my best to not let this leave a sour taste in my mouth. Chances are the starters are made my Mitsubishi and have nothing to do with Hyosung anyway.
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  19. Oh no CrashtasticCrashtastic! I'm sorry that this has happened to you - it's terrible. What a way to kill the excitement of a brand new bike.

    I just knew as I opened the thread that it was going to be a Hyosung...... :-(
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  20. For those of you playing at home, update #2. Dealer picked it up today, it's sitting in the workshop and it apparently the first job on the cards tomorrow. Should hear back tomorrow arvo with at least a progress report.
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