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New Rear Sets for Track Use?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by BlackSparrow, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hey All,

    Recently ive been out on track at EC and running the medium group with my CBR250RR (mc22). Fun times getting into some battles with some dudes on 600's passing me on the straights only to be eaten up in the back sections. :)

    I'm finding that im grinding the pegs out on many a corner trying to keep momentum in the turns. I have Bridgestone RS10's and they are super sticky once warmed up and im pretty sure the bike could be pushed harder - has anyone used aftermarket rear sets and do they give you the confidence of having more clearance? Also - The stock pegs on the MC22 can pivot when they scrape which is great but i noticed the Tyga ones don't have a pivot point - surely this is asking for a lowside if they dig in.

    Is there something else i need to adjust like a more aggressive body position?

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  2. Yeah hanging off will mean you dont lean the bike as far. When you are scraping the pegs do you have your knee on the deck? If it is then year you probably need some higher rearsets.
  3. POPEYEPOPEYE might be able to give advise. Just this past Saturday he was seen flogging his baby blade at SMSP.
  4. I am using the tyga rear set scraped them once and forced the rear to slide abit but was ok cause they have a rounded plastic end so they didn't dig in they are much much better than stock or cheap Chinese. But yeah knee should be down every bend with a sticky set of tyres on this bike not pegs if your body position is correct.

    Sorry I don't know any other good rear sets for this bike.