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New reality TV show-Your version

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by movin, May 31, 2007.

  1. Just when I thought society couldnt plummet to any lower depths in the name of "entertainment" and getting your 15 minutes of fame :roses: after hearing about that Big Brother contestants fathers dying and everything associated with it.
    Driving to work this morn I caught the tail end of a call-in session on 3RRR breakfasters, regarding the latest "reality" :jerk: TV show where 3 people who need kidney transplants and they are all going to make a documentary about it and the winner gets the organ :shock:
    Is it just me or is this insanity :?: :tantrum:


    Apparently theres another "Reality"show in production for BBC called "Fat kids cant hunt" where overweight teenagers from UK are taken into Arhnem land in N.T. and have to live off the land and hunt for their food.

    Anyways they thought they would run with theme and listeners rang in with their own "Reality TV " show with some very humourous reponses

    :idea: So I was wondering the same for NR land- something along the lines of all Pauline Hanson has to go on Iron Chef and cook fish n chups and if she looses, she has to go to be the chef for Asylum seekers in the detention holding on Naru or Netriders have a race or a bike olympics/gymkana and the winner gets to shave Vics head and looser his testicles :shock:

    Loz/Ktulu Im expecting big things from you 2 here-work it baby-wuuurk it
  2. I've been floating this idea for a while now:

    Coming soon on Channel 11, it's the new hit reality show that's taking the world by storm. Forget Survivor, forget Big Brother, forget Fear Factor, we bring you...

    Outback Ivan!!!!!

    We take 18 British backpackers, parachute them into Balangalow State Forest, release convicted mass-murderer Ivan Milat back into the forest, and any of the backpackers that make it out of the forest and to our checkpoint recieve the $1,000,000 that has been promised... IF THEY MAKE IT OUT.... :twisted:
  3. Oddly enough, that organ transplant show would probably be best suited in the USA.

    Think about it... Those without the income or insurance couldn't afford a transplant anyway, and this would be the only way they can survive.

    Who'd want their kidney to go to a rich kid like James Packer anyway?

    Back on topic, my idea for a reality show would be a bike show. A bastardation of "pimp my ride," "changing rooms," "queer eye for the straight guy" and "the new inventors."

    With the help of an engineer, a contestant designs and produces a funky motorbike. It'd be fixing up a wreck, modifying a new one, or improving it in some way. The funky motorbike would be given to a poor sod who's had theirs stolen.
  4. Its not just you. Its just plain disturbing. I dont know how the people who came up with that show could sleep at night.
  5. 'Running Man' is not too far in the future, IMO.

    Putting Federal and State politicians on GP bikes or superbikes would be amusing, but might suffer on similar taste/morality grounds and might not meet our objectives.

    I have a great idea for a reality show. They give Joss Whedon the money to continue making Firefly and stop making sh1tty reality TV.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing a reality news program. Where you get anyone with a video camera to take footage of whatever they see going on around in the world and sending it in.

    You have the shows cops, customs, also some medical ones, i'm surprised the Fire brigade hasn't been done, or if it has i've totally missed it. Ticket/Parking inspectors would be good for a laugh. And i wouldn't mind seeing a show called the biggest gainer. Get a bunch of scrawny guys, and watch them try to bulk up.
  7. I don't think someone "wins" the kidney, the donor meets each of the three people, and their family and decides which person gets the kidney. At least they'll be making one person better, and bring the plight of those on waiting lists for organs into the minds of a hell of a lot of people.

    Some background: The founder of BNN (the station that is producing and airing this show) was a man called Bart de Graaff, and I think how he died has something to do with the show. Bart suffered from kidney problems, namely renal failure, because of a car accident in his youth. He did get a donar kidney in 1997, but it failed within 2 years, and he died in 2002, waiting for a new donation.

    I don't agree with the show as it is, but I do hope it brings some attention to the lack of organ donors and what people need to suffer through.
  8. Hey Im already a card carrying member :wink:
  9. Reality = ^this is a good idea.

    I've heard about a 'RTV' show they're making in the states, where they take a bunch of young teenagers, and they dump them in a ghost-town - and the kids have to sort themselves out and set-up a working community to survive, and stuff. ie. blacksmith, grocer, police, etc.

    I think that'd be cool.

    Ideas from me?

    [1] 5 Melbourne taxi drivers are brought up to Sydney, provided with basic operators training, excellent safety gear and then must perform in their new employment as motor-scooter couriers in the Sydney CBD.

    [2] Cameras follow & document the lives of 4 convicted sex offenders as they move into a new areas and must notify new neighbours and nearby residents of their status on the sex offender database: suburbs moved into Mt Druitt, Vaucluse, Broken Hill, Eastwood.

    [3] A different politician/minister is hooked up to a polygraph 'lie detector' each week, and must answer questions submitted by SMS from viewers on live television.
  10. Apparently the guy who dreamed up Big Brother is putting together a new version that sounds kind of interesting. 15 contestants get placed in a million buck mansion, cameras on them 24/7, and they get to live a life of absolute luxury. They can dial in hookers, food, massages, whatever they want and the TV station foots the bill. They're not allowed to leave the house, have visitors or see their families etc.

    There's no evictions and no set time scale for the show, the winner is the last one to choose to leave, and they get to keep the house.

    They're pitching it to the USA at the moment, and it would be a corker. With no evictions, the winner's going to be the person that is so unbearable to be around that everyone else CHOOSES to leave. They're gonna tear each other to pieces. You bewdy.

    ...I realise this might look as if I actually like reality TV - I don't. I hardly watch any telly at all. But my desire to see American reality TV contestants insulted, tormented and humiliated outweighs my hatred of bad television.
  11. a bunch of netriders stuck in a room with nothing but beer to drink. you are evicted if you mention bikes or boobs. last person left wins bike of their dreams :twisted:

    PS my money's on loz out first, paul to win the bike...
  12. +1 Loz,

    My take is a political show. In order to win pre-selection for the seat of their choice, would-be politicians have to swim across a fifty metre pool filled with the nasty little fish from the other thread here.... :LOL: