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New RACV Membership Benefits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. 3mth touring option ceases ages ago. dosent exist these days.

    BTW, heres some great news for you RACV Members.. Remember where you heard from first 8)

    :arrow: From March 2006, RACV will be upgrading benefits for ALL levels
    of service

    Roadside Care -
    Now - 4 Calls,
    - 8km Free Metro Towing;
    - 100km Country 100km

    March 2006 - 8 Calls,
    - 20km Metro Towing
    - Country 120km
    - Up to 10L of free petrol if you run out of fuel. I made use
    of this few mths ago :D
    - Up to 4 Nights Accomodation & 4 Days Hire Car Cover
    when more than 1000km from home
    - Taxi trip up to $50 per incident to enable continuation of
    - Locksmith & Courier Service
    - Ambulance Assistance

    Xtra Care & Total Care members will receive even better benefits then
    you currently enjoy incl Ambulance Assistance & additional accomodation
    & hire car benefits if broken down more than 100km from home. You
    will also get enchanced towing, taxi & courier services.

    Xtra Care members will enjoy an increase from 8 calls to 12 calls a
    year as well as Caravan & Trailor Assistance.
  2. Damn... nice....

  3. I wonder how long ago they withdrew the Motorcycle Touring Option?
  4. Yup. I remember well. It was in my internal e-mail inbox.

  5. I'll find out more when I'm back at work next month. We used to have
    Touring Option for a month. That was discontinued. I could be wrong
    with this 3mth option, but its my understanding that when you apply
    Options to your membership, it carries it thru to the next renewal
  6. Not bad eh! They'll have a media launch later this year
  7. I have a feeling the 3 month option is still up and running. Can find out Tuesday.

    And the extra m/cycling options have never carried through at renewal (unless the 3 month version for example straddled the renewal period). They're options that are purchased and then they automatically cancel off the m/ship after the prescribed period.

    In any case, Total Care works out best.
  8. I'd appreciate that. I use the option at least once a year. The last time was in February 2005 for the Ducati Turismo. Fortunately, I didn't need to use it.
  9. You prolly right. I know more about Insurance side of things

    Total care is good as long as you make use of it. I call em at least
    once a month. Last time I got someone to come out & take out the
    battery outta the car bc I was lazy to do so. Patrol guys wasent too
    impressed LOL

    There are ways you can get even more value, but I cant say on here
    for obvious reasons. Feel free to PM for more details :wink:
  10. Yeah I used to work in your department about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago. Now work in the breakdown assistance centre doing a mix of answering breakdown calls and looking after the patrols and trucks in the "resource" section.

    I'm not surprised either. We have a situation at the moment where management are cutting back on the resources out on the road. Doing that sort of work means we have longer wait times for people stranded out on the roadside.

    Lotsa ways to get value, and they aren't a secret.

    One such way I have used myself was to get a towtruck to take my bike, that was not going at the time, to the mechanics. I was able to get a taxi through Total Care home, and then get another taxi to get me back to the mechanics to collect the bike.

    That one scenario was almost enough to use up the cost of Total Care.
  11. received the new RACV membership entitlements booklet just last Friday, and I'm delighted to announce that the motorcycle touring option is still available (if you have "motorcycle options" cover) for an additional fee of $46 and is valid for any continual 3 mnth period of your choice. :)
  12. Make a bet? :D

    Not so much that its a secret, but most people wouldnt know
    what one can do (unless youre shifty by nature LOL)

    I been there approx 4yrs now
  13. Yeah I rememer you from when I was there (started at RACV January 2001).

    Have seen you come and go on the Kwaka.
  14. Small world.. You go to work on your bike? Is yours the yellow/black one?

    & in regards to Total Care, I'll PM you with how one can 'stretch'
    their cover :D
  15. For people outside Victoria, and with a Honda (isn't that everybody??) Honda's Roadside assist package is terrific, check out the web-site for details. Like all insurance, you hope like hell you don't have to claim on it, and if you don't you might think it's money wasted, but it IS good value.
  16. The yellow and black Blade is my wife's bike which I use on the odd occaision. Most of the time it's the silver Firestorm.
  17. :LOL: :LOL:

    well if i ever catch you in the c/park, we'll have a yarn!