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New Race Glass, Exhaust rub

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Kubira, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Just putting on some race glass, wondering what the best course of action will be as far as glass on exhaust.

    I warmed the bike up and screwed the lower on, and theres now 2 spots burnt. Im thinking i mght cut a couple of ovals and get some sort of cover to go over them.. Not real sure

    bike is cbr600 '09

  2. Heat shield adhered to the underside of the area in question should suffice friend.
  3. mm, thing is when mounted the exhaust is actually bulging the glass.. if you run your hand along it u can feel the bubble. So idk if id fit heat shield in there aswell...
  4. who's fairings are you using?
  5. motobikesdotcom
  6. Wet4u Racing is who myself and friends have used with nothing but perfect fits for a wide range of bikes.
  7. mm nice site.. The fairings are a nice fit, im more than impressed bar the exhaust issue

    So, if i cut out a lil hole ill have to heatshield it and patch it.. No biggie i guess, ive just never had anything to do with fibreglass b4

    Just thinking here, but, cut the hole(s) nice piece of sheet metal, rivets/heatproof glue.... boom boom
  8. Put up a pic of it
  9. Your fitting race glass, correct???
    Is it being fitted for track use, ie. racing ???

    If the answer is yes, then you know that by the rules your bellypan needs to be able to hold in 3 litres of fluid.

    " With the exception of Period 1-5 Historic
    machines, and production-based machines
    without a lower fairing which have ADR
    compliance, all machines, including sidecars,
    must be fitted with an integral lower fairing
    dam or separate catch tray, which must be
    constructed to trap and hold engine oil and /
    or coolant:
    a) For 4-strokes machines, a capacity of
    at least 3 litres,
    b) For 2-stroke machines, a capacity of at
    least 2.5 litres,"
  10. yes
    i know
  11. A picture would be great...I am having trouble figuring out what the G.O. is.

    If you plan on cutting fibreglass, make sure you either wear long sleeves or baby powder your hands/arms...fibres on your skins are a pain in the arse.
  12. The G.O is:

    glass on, tail not bolted/fitted quite yet, tank cover is just sitting there.

    As you can see in the offending pic, the more i cut the more i needed to cut more:facepalm:.

    If i put something flat across i might get away with heat tape, but id like to cover it and maintain a small gap if poss.

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  13. If you're game, you can just cut the whole bottom of the pan off and then refibreglass it back on with a half an inch or an inch extended to clear the whole bottom. Not that hard of a job I don't think.
  14. even tho it wont be seen, that does sound like a better option. Only thing is ive never glassed before. That wouldnt stop me from getting it done tho, but what would the materials cost that i need for that job?
  15. Kubira, what club do you belong to in SA?
    What events are you racing in?
  16. My race glass (07 zx6r) belly pan used to rub...It was because the glass was made for bike's with a full system or link pipe with the cat/premuffler removed....Depending on brand this can sometime's happen....Fibrezone who I got mine off gave me another belly pan to use that suited the standard can....Hope this help's a little...
  17. Im a member of Caffe Racers, racing in about 5 or so events this year hopefully, mainly interclub events like brackets and trophy cups etc

    cool mate, i sent an email regarding the belly pan, they just gave me instructions on how to rectify the problem. However it wont really work, i was advised to make brackets up to reposition the lower, which to me sounds like the hard way, meaning reposition the hole assy. Could be wrong..:-s
  18. I was wondering why my belly plan had what i thought was a daft shape. Where do you get all this info man?
  19. http://www.ma.org.au/index.php?id=142

    Motorcycle Australia ( MA ) website..

    To race you will need to join a club ( Preston is the best club in Vic, but I'm biased )> On joining the club you will get an application for a race licence and when you get your licence you will get a paper copy of the rule book.
  20. Your a legend mike, I'll defiantly be doing that, thanks heaps.