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New R6 owner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hansipan, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Hi all, new member here.. Bought a R6 2010 last week. still getting use to the bike. Need somone advise how to set the shif light? which website is recommended to buy accesories? Looking to buy seat cowl, screen thanks han

  2. Welcome aboard Hansipan. I can't help you with answers to your Qs, but three's lots of collective wisdom on NR. A quick search may give you the answers you're after.
  3. Welcome Han,

    Can't help you on this bike much. A quick Google search give the below vid for setting the shift light.

  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Thanks guys. Also looking to buy seat cowl in blue? Any info where i can get them?
  6. Hi guys i need info where i can get R6 and R1 yoke protector?
  7. E
  8. Welcome to NR hansipan...do u need fries with ur order?
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  9. Gdday looking to get slip on for my r6 2010. Mgp hotbodies, sc project, racefit grawler type.
  10. Google is your friend.

    And welcome to NR!
  11. This is becoming a piss take surely.
    Oh and welcome
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  12. Yeah sooooo much easier to create a Netrider account, post questions and wait for an answer.

    Google is for chumps.
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  13. Makes u wonder how he found netrider.
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  14. 4 posts in total in one thread saying the same thing since June??.......... surely a little village somewhere in the ACT must be missing one by now?
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  15. Gold.
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