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New Queensland spped Camera utes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Farkinott, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. A friend of mine in south east qld emailed these to me. Keep an eye out folks!


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  2. ****ing hell that is even worse than NSW.
  3. qld have been for quite a while now. NSW is quite slow on the uptake.
  4. Yeah at least ours are not as stealthy...every knuckle dragging ******** and his dog drives a ute that pulls over all too often.
  5. There are also similar utes to these in Brisbane but they have the Brisbane City Council logo on the doors
    Saw one at Bulimba yesterday... they suck because they dont stand out in anyway at all AND there is no little sign either
    at least yesterday they only got a picture of the front of my bike (fingers crossed)
  6. Out of interest, what dictates the camera angle, re front/back picture?

  7. Those are awfully shiny and new; there's a white one that does the rounds near my place which is a bit more realistically dirty.
  8. I am not so sure they are speed cameras, buts its hard to say without a close up.

    There is currently 2 utes I have seen with speed cams in. One is a holden comm ute, white with canopy. The other is a rodeo ute, also white with a canopy. I was driving down sandgate road at deagon the other day and I spotted a ute with an orange light on the rear canopy. Thought thats not speed camera, and was surprised to see the old gatso in the back. Qucik google shows it:[​IMG]
  9. "Yes officer, I know! And do you know how lucky I was? I just fueled up, five minutes ago, and do you know what I saw? The number plate dangling by one bolt. And when I went to have a closer look, I found the nut for that bolt was missing. Can you believe how lucky I was? Here's the number plate tucked in my jacket. I'm on my way to Repco right now to get a couple of bolts and nylock nuts."

    "Tell me officer, have you found room for Jesus in your heart?"