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New QRide Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dalsim, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a qride requirement question here. I have search all through the forum and have found some guidance but I am after some verification if I may.

    I am going to apply of my L's for my motorbike license and when I checked the QLD Transport website begining of this month in regards to the requirements they stated that you needed to have a class C license for 3 years before you can apply for your R's. But now when I check the wording has been changed to state that "If you have held an open license for a period of three years, you are eligible to apply through Q-RIDE for an unrestricted R type motorbike license without having to hold an RE motorbike license." Now I have just come off my P's onto my opens (now having my class C for 3 years), so now I am guessing that I have to now go for my RE's instead of my R's seeing that I have not held an "open" license for 3 years. I am just after verification if I am understanding the changes correctly.


    From "5 steps to Qride" :
    "Have the correct licence
    To participate in Q-RIDE training and assessment, you must hold a current class RE (motorbike with an engine capacity of 250 ml or less) learner licence.
    If you wish to go to a class R (motorbike) licence through Q-RIDE, you must either hold a class RE provisional or open licence, or hold a class C (car) licence, and have held that licence for at least three years."

    From "Getting a Licence -> motorbike -> Motorbike provisional licence" :
    "If you have held an open licence for a period of three years, you are eligible to apply through Q-RIDE for an unrestricted R type motorbike licence without having to hold an RE motorbike licence."

    Now are there different rules for QRide learners and a normal 6 month learner? This is where I find it confusing.

    I'd post links to the above quotes but I don't have 5 posts yet :wink:

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Ring a q ride provider
  3. I considered phoning a q-rode agency but seeing it was 1am I don't think I would have had much luck :p

    But I did email qld transport last night and I was not expecting a reply till at least tuesday but I just got an email back from them stating.

    I guess I missed that bit on the website :oops:

    Although another question if you all don't mind.... When I go for my L's do I have to sit the entire theory exam again + the 5 additional questions or do I just sit the additional 5.

    I'm kinda one of those guys who get a bit anal about wanting to know heaps about something before I go do it. Side affect of ADD I think but it serves me good :)
  4. I think its just the 5, I got mine with my car learners, so I did all of mine at once.

    Last time I checked, you needed an open car license for 3 years to go to an R license, or an RE licence for 1 year (you have to resit your qride). However the wording changes all the time, its best to give your qride places a call first before taking my word for it.
  5. frickendevil,

    My brother just from a mates place where he has been for that last few days and I got him to hunt out his learners manual (he just got is learners for his class c :eek:hno: ) and I went hunting through there and it says,
    I guess I have to find out what the conditions are but it is looking good. :) I have been riding trail bikes (from 150's through to 650's since I was 8yo) though I have not ridden in a few years still I don't really want to be stuck on a 250 cruiser for a year before I can get the HD xl883c that I want so...

    But I'll still give a q-ride place a ring next week and see what they say.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. I got my licence in september 07 and went straight to R and all i needed was to hold a car licence for 3 years (L's excluded)
  7. i just went through the Q Ride test 2 weekends ago.

    To get ur L's all you need to do is answer the 5 questions.

    From what I was told, you had to have ur opens C class for more than 3 years with no suspensions or cancellations in that time. However I didnt really put it to the test as I have had my C class opens for about 5 years.

    If you have experience in riding it is quite easy. I been riding off and on on my L's for the last year and did the NSW L's course (which I found harder) and I found it easy.

    However a mate of mine got his L's the week before the test and had no road riding experience and he passed it (just had to come back and redo the break test).

    The test itself is quite simple, only major things to watch out for is the emergency break test, the slow riding and the figure 8s. If you have riding experience everything else should be easy.

    We only had 2 people in our course that had riding experience (me and one other guy that hadn't ridden for years) and everyone but one person passed.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys.

    I'm going in next week to do the theory exam for the L's so hopefully it is just the additional 5, as I only have about an hour off work do to it in.

    I'll keep updating this thread :grin: