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New QLD Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CrackFox, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. G'day all, new rider here. Went for my first ride last weekend and loved it! Instructor says it looked good enough to pass Qride, now it's just a case of twiddling my fingers and browsing the forums until February comes.

  2. Welcome, from another eastern Brisbane member. And February, because....? Sing out if you would like a hand with getting the whole thing sorted out in your mind. There's a lot to learn but it's all good fun.\\:D/
  3. G'day fox, welcome to the party. There's plenty to read, mate. LOL.
  4. Cheers guys! Bumblebeeman, I've gotta wait the 6 months on my L's before I can go for the test.
  5. Welcome. I'm pretty sure if you do it through a Qride trainer you can get it straight away, you only have to wait six months if you want to do the test through the RTA like car drivers do.
  6. yeah sheep is right, you can get L on monday and do the qride test on tuesday. how do i know, this , well that is what my sister and i did to get our licence.
  7. Welcome to NR :)
  8. :) You have to wait because there are only a few of us.
    And were busy and cranky.
    Actually one less now :)
    ??? But you said you were already with an instructor ??? Didn't they explain this ?
    I think Qride is a good way to go. It is a lot dearer but you are taught the basics properly.
    And the basics go all the way through your riding skills and levels.
  9. I'm on a very tight budget here, so Q-safe is the way to go. The 6 months waiting gives me a bit more time to save up. Friend of the family is an advanced riding instructor, he took me through the basics and got me up and running. His advice is to find a motard, preferably a POS, and ride it for the year. Leading up to the test, he'll check up on me to make sure I haven't slipped into bad technique.

    At the moment though, I'm struggling to find a bike. Looking for a POS but cant seem to find anything over 250cc and under $1500. Was told I need something over a 250 'cause I'm 194cm. Been scanning bikepoint, trading post, ebay, gumtree and biketrader in QLD, but no hits, am I missing any?
  10. Team Moto's used bikes section on their website is handy too. I picked up my first 250 for $1000. It had been rattle canned black but was mechanically sound. Good luck with the hunt. :D
  11. +1 for Teammoto at Nerang. Helpful folks. I dealt with Curtis, good guy.