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New QLD Helmet Standards opens a new window.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Clayt0nB, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. With the recent and long awaited adjustment to some of the motorcycle related laws in QLD it had opened up a new range of helmets we previously could not use.

    I have been waiting a while for Schuberth to make their helmets meet the Australian standards but hey, it has gone the other way, Australia has now met their standards. The ECE standard. Not just the Schuberth but many other brands and helmets are now available in QLD.

    The problem, how to get one... I know I can now legally buy them online from a site like Revzilla however I want to try one on first. It is still early days and no shops have them (though I'm sure in the future they will pop up around QLD.)

    Any ideas, opinions? Do you think shops will start to include ECE helmets on the shelves? How could I get my hands on one?

    Eager to hear thoughts on the subject. Cheers.
  2. While the helmet laws are a good thing for everyone except helmet importers and sellers here in QLD, I always thought that you could get a schuberth/BMW helmet that was Aust Stds approved anyway. I am certain I tried one on about 5 years ago at the old BMW bike dealership down at Caloundra ( it was on Nicklin way at the time)

    I am sure your imported Schuberth will be cheaper though, which is where you will have to buy it.
    As the laws stand, you cant buy a helmet in Aus without the AS sticker, even though we are now allowed to ride with something not AS approved!
  3. BMW system 6 EVO is made by Schuberth.
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  4. This just shows what a joke our system is in Australia. AS1698 is an Australian standard, yet each state and territory is allowed to make its own rule regarding what is legal in it's state/territory.

    Under AS1698, due to the various states doing their own thing, we don't have any helmet that is legal to use throughout Australia. NSW decided to retrospectively change the laws about 2-3 years ago making a number of previously legal helmets illegal.

    So the plot thickens. If you buy a helmet that meets ECE 22.05 standard you can use it in Queensland, but do not ride to Tweed Heads where you could be booked under NSW law. The helmet is safe in Queensland, but not in NSW

    What an absolute piece of rubbish we now have.

    I know that work is being done to try and bring some sense to these laws, but until then.......
  5. Been looking at a new helmet and very well may buy a Schuberth online. Not wearing it first makes me nervous, but they sound like the go.