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New QLD CB400 Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Stazza_Brendan, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. HI, Brendan from Mackay in QLD, Recently got my learner RE license and just picked up a new 2012 Honda CB400 ABS and a full kit of riding gear.

    White on Red bike, only mods is L plate :p , tank protector and LED number plate light :p



    Plan is to get Q-ride done early next year then get a slip-on exhaust.
  2. Good bike, solid, reliable well built jappa. Enjoy and stay upright.
  3. Welcome! Excellent bike choice mate! Looked at one myself.
  4. Congrats and welcome.
    Beautiful bike, can I have it when you get a bigger one?
  5. Not sure if id go a bigger bike. This one seems perfect to me.
    I have cars if I want to go crazy fast in controlled conditions.
  6. Welcome and I reckon you might revisit that statement in time
  7. I reckon many people have said that.. I do love the look of cb1100's....
    But house>bikes.
  8. Welcome and nice bike ! :applause:
  9. Gidday Brendan,
    New here myself but just wanted to comment on what a great looking bike that is. If they made the 1300 in that colour scheme I'd snap it up.
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  10. One of the guys from work said similar. If it came in a 750-900 engine but looked exactly the same he would have one. He rode it home from dealership for me and he loved it.
  11. Hi Brendan, nice bike in a great colour - I am biased though.

    Welcome to NR.