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New push bike commercials in vic, I wonder were......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Glennb, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. I saw on the new tonight their is a new comercial for awarness of push bikes on the roads. Now I wonder were the money is coming from for that, push bike riders dont pay any rego But they get a piece of the road to them selves and they dont pay any TAC premium, But us motorbike riders had a huge hike in our tac premium to pay for more motorcycle awarness comercials , this does not make sence :evil: :!:


    Edit: Im all for comercials of awarness of push bike riders and every right to be on the road but I wish the Bracks gov would stop feeding us crap that the huge tac premium we got was for motorcycle awarness comercial. Just my view.
  2. Its funded by amie gillet foundation cyclist killed overseas while training with australian team. To get the same value from what we pay to the government we will need to fit pedals to all motorcycle :shock:
  3. that's a good point. push bikes DO deserve to have comercials despite the fact they don't pay for them.

    on the other hand, comercials for motorcycles is a good idea. bikes have a bad image. many people associate motorbikes with tattoos and drugs. that's probably why the idea of spending money on our safety is not at all popular. when making new crash rails etc, they never think of motorcycles.

    you should get onto this. start addressing this issue to the appropriate people so a cleaner image of bikes can be portrayed with a safety message that they themselves need to hear.
  4. Only time there is any real push for motorbike commercials is time leading up & to & following the GP.

    Really noticed this last year. Cagers were really aware of the fact that THERE is other road users besides them.
  5. partly funded buy amie gillet foundation,I think the gov is putting money in as well. It is sad what happend over seas but when a death happens over here on a motor bike, the attiiude is who gives a sh it, it must of been his fault.We have a few motor bike deaths down here in the last 3 mths and the media are always quick to blame the rider but when its the other parties fault nothing is said!
    Also a bit of mild 4x4 bashing in the commercial as well, very suttle but are making a point.
  6. We are all on two wheels. Instead of saying look what the cyclists are getting, get off your arse and get something done for motorcyclists. Being an advocate for motorbikes will get a lot more done than complaining about what others get.
    Write letters to your Member of Parliament, ask them what is being done for motorbikes in your area. Go to council meetings and ask the same question.
    that's my two bob.
  7. i havent seen it yet but im in sydney so we may not get it. i've noticed in some adds where people do stupid things there is a 4x4 in the driveway.

    whenever the media report a motorcyle down they always say 'a motorcycle ran into a car' never 'a car ran into a motorcycle'.

    if you get eaten by a shark you are remembered forever, if you get killed on the road you are forgotton in one week, unless you are a sports hero.
  8. Yeah and those commercials about being aware of children around schools, they don't pay anything either, so bugger 'em if they get hit, coz WE have to pay. :roll: (read with extreme sarcasm)

    Not EVERYTHING is about 'a fair go for motorbikes'. Some issues just need to be addressed whether there is a user group or the govt paying for it.
  9. You obviously missing my point completly :roll: just having my say :cool:

    and you 2 Haggis
  10. That's cos that's what has usually happened they just forget to mention the car didn't see the bike coming and failed to give way to it :roll:
  11. Absol bloody lutely. The Amy Gillet memorial ride got thousands of riders out on very little notice for a genuinely caring and supportive day in which no one had any other agenda. A lot of people doing a lot of work very selflessly. Not one single motorcycle bashing thing all day. Yet the first comment on this thread is bicycle bashing.

    You want something.. go and make it happen. don't winge cos someone else did

  12. I agree with Haggis.

    Foundations like the Amy Gillet Foundation and organisations like Bicycle Victoria do a hell of lot of advocay work to get bicycles on the radar.

    Instead of whinging, why don't you write a letter to your local MP or to Peter Bachelor. It might have a bit more of an impact.

    And GlennB...cyclists may not pay a TAC premium or rego, but I reckon almost all would pay income tax, and almost all would have a car so they pay pertol tax, which all go towards building roads.

    Bracks may stink and I agree that us motorcyclist are almost invisible to other road users, but you have a personal chance to get rid of Bracksy and his government later this year. Maybe this is a good time to push your agenda on your MP's
  13. Well then what is your point????
    It reads to me that you are pissed that there are cycling awareness ads on tv when we(cyclists) didn't pay for them, yet you feel that when the motorcycle awareness ads are on, it comes out of your pocket via an increased TAC premium, which is an insurance policy?

    What point am I missing?

    It's a whinge, whichever way I read it :?
  14. My point is about Bracks Gov and there bull sh it reasons for the excessive tac premium rise on motor bikes. Im not bashing anything about the amy gillet memorial ride. Both my hobbies Im in are bike riding and 4wding and these 2 things constantly get BASHED!!!!! I am the last person to complain about what others do/ride/drive on the road unless its in defence! Dont try and twist things so you make me look like an ass.

    Bloody hell hit a few nervs here :cool:
  15. Dude I'm not twistin' anything, re-read your post, that's how it reads to me and obviously others. Not having a go at you, just what is written. You may want to rewrite it if that is the point you are trying to make, coz that's not how it comes across. :)
  16. yeah, thats the problem!!!!! btw, they only fail to see because they don't look. i've never ever heard the media say that a car hit a motorcycle.
  17. triway,
    I have re-read my first statment and I have not bashed anything.

    I state that bike riders dont pay rego/tac and get a piece of the road and tv comercials.

    I also said that motor bike riders had a huge hike in our tac premium to cover the cost of motorcycles.(so Mr Bracks told us)

    it dose not make sence.

    But all ive read is personal shots at me :shock: quit a few aggressive people on here. Oh, hang on maybe could be miss reading something.
    Must be a few cyclists on here.
  18. I am a cyclist and motorcylist. I pay taxes. I vote. I write and if nothing is done, I change my vote. I complain to the right people.
    If you don't want to pay TAC, tell the government.
    If I want more bike paths I tell the government.
    The reason we get bike paths for cyclists is simple, we complain :wink:
  19. Safe to assume alot of people that ride pushys also ride a motorcycle/drive a car... I do all three so i dont really give a rats.

    I honestly think that pushbikes should be supported as a means of transport as much as possible...

    edit: maybe its a sign you should stop whining, sell your motorcycle and buy a pushy.
  20. edit :evil:

    edit :grin: