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ACT New protections for vulnerable ACT road users

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tony749, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. The article is not clear on how this law purports to protect VRUs, it suggests that endangering VRUs is an aggravating factor but doesn't actually say it is. Will have to wait for the text of the bill to check:

  2. I notice that Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury was conspicuously reluctant to be seen to extend any safety benefits to motorcyclists...
    Don't deserve protection in his eyes perhaps?

    And thanks Jeremy Hanson. For nothing.
  3. Umm, how is this better protection. All it does is prescribe harsher penalties IF they are caught and found guilty.
  4. Pedestrians are not road users. If they get run over on the road they deserve to be shot for their stupidity.
    Better than fcuking hi-vis.
  5. True, but just as useless.
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  6. I like the "furious" bit. :]

    I have to admit that, if they could have proved it at the time, I have occasionally driven or ridden while bloody pissed off....... would that count under their new rules?
  7. I fail to see how it will protect anyone.

    Aggravated reckless driving, big deal. The average Joe Tailgater thinks he's a good driver, therefore the new law won't affect him and he'll tune out and won't even be aware the the road rules have changed.

    If drivers go to jail for recklessly failing to give way to a bike, that might get their attention. But I suspect harsher penalties will just lead to the cops being more lenient and issuing a ticket for the lesser offence, say fail to give way, and only idiots who fail the attitude test will be prosecuted.
  8. Am I reading this right? 30% over the speed limit: So - if you're in a 60kph zone, and miss a 40kph sign in an unfamiliar area- you've got a $2,000+ fine or 2 years prison plus 12 months loss of license.... just like that - all for one mistake? Not sure what the ACT is like, but in Melbourne I'd be pooping my dacks and driving at 40kph everywhere with the amount of speed zone changes I've seen in areas I'm not famililar with!

    If that's right - I'm no longer worried about drivers not seeing me and killing me - I'm more worried about facing big bubba in the showers when I go to Jail for missing a single speed sign!!!!

  9. It protects the politicians who are often told to do something about issues we face on our roads but never have the appropriate answers to do exactly that.
  10. No, you're reading it wrong. First you must commit the offence of furious, reckless or dangerous driving. The aggravating factors can then apply, such as speeding 30% above the speed limit or putting a vulnerable road user at risk.
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  11. So tell us then, what is the answer, what would you do?
  12. For clarity, Labor introduced the bill, and the opposition introduced the amendments to add more aggravating factors (?)
  13. If I were in the ACT, I'd be getting a Go-Pro.