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New project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by SDG, May 17, 2010.

  1. Not long ago was given an 1982 Honda VT250F with an original four odd thousand on the clock. Apparently was bought new for a learner who dropped it then never rode again. Very weather worn on plastics. Couple of cracks. So far only mechanical damage to date is to one carby (which I broke trying to extract mixture screw which was seized fully in with no screw head on it. Anybody got one?)
    Any other views on things to look at with this paticular bike? I don't want to go outrages on this thing. It will be given to my son in a couple of years for when he gets his learners, as well as a friend who wants to get theirs soon.
    The usual oil, water, hydrolic fluid, fork oil changes, etc I am aware of.

  2. Check the tappets for clearances and reset to factory specs
    Check the cam chain, just make sure its tight because i've heard of the tensioners having issues with age..
    Coolant flows from radiator to engine via the frame, rather than a rubber hose.. so make sure theres no rust in that removable section..
    CDI Ignition modules deteriorated a fair bit on mine also, gave it the feeling of running out of fuel on hot days even with a full tank.

    Apart from that, they're indestructable :p.. great as a learner bike.

    I've thrown mine into the bitchumen a couple times at speed and just pick it up and keep going.
    Except once the forks were so twisted i limped home at full lock just to go straight :p

    Good to see I'm not the only one to have one anymore, and do please post pics :)

    Also does yours have indicators built into the tail light, or the regular ones on stalks?
    I've been looking for an integrated tail light for ages but I always see them on complete bikes never as spare parts..

    I got the full service manual in .jpg form if ya need a copy too ;)

    Welcome to the forum too, just head over to the welcome/introduction section when you have a chance and post up a proper intro