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New Project! (tank camera)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by conspiracytheorist, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Got digital speedo working so now I need something else to play around with!

    Was thinking that recording some trips/cool twisties would be good fun. And could make taking photos along the way alot easier to (I'd start with my S80 8 megapixel cannon handheld digtal thingy, ie. photo cam, no vid cam, but it does vid as well).

    With a 512 card it only gets 24 minutes at 320x res, 15fps but I still wanna have a go. And could get 2gig card later if I like it.

    Don't wanna spend any money though! And read this:
    Sounds very doable at very low cost. I've had a search but haven't found posts about people building their own. So has anyone done it? If so a little info? I can't remember who it was but someone at the camp quality ride had a tank mount and it looked dead simple. Can I get some photos of the parts from someone who has a nice and simple mount?

    Hope to have some fun making some nice vids of our NR trips and maybe some vlogs of subjects I'm a pro at. So far I've up with a few cool ones:
    - How to keep your license
    - How to strip screws in really inconvenient positions
    - How get lost on a straight road
    - How to ride a bike for the first time (I know this real well since this is my 24/7 riding style :LOL: )

    You get the idea though, :rofl:

  2. don't know about the "ace hardware" but everything is doable :LOL: :wink:

    ram mounts aren't that much expensive if you want to go the pre fab route.

    in any case, post some pics when you're done.
  3. Oh I will.. Hey I never uploaded my speedo pics.. tomorrow!
  4. I got quoted $50?? for a ram mounts camera bracket. Hardly worth building one. Although I have some parts here ready to roll.
  5. I'm toying with the idea of threading an aluminium bolt to an old speaked magnet and mounting the vid cam to that. :idea: The magnet would be attached to the top of the tank because I want the tach and speedo in shot.

    I figure the alu bolt will keep the cam far enough from the magnet to not effect picture or memory.

    Anyone done this before or similar :?:
  6. Here's what I came up with.

    I considered using something magnetic, but then i'm using a miniDV cam, which is magnetic tape...


    Hehe love the scribbles.

    Oh, by the way. If you're using a fully digital cam (flash memory, not HDD) the magnet shouldn't cause a problem. If it's HDD or tape, you'll have issues. Especially because speaker magnets are very strong. Perhaps you could use a series of smaller magnets on top of a non slip rubber membrane, cam should stay put, and the magnets won't cause any problems.
  7. Yeah 1gb xD card. I'll get to work on it this weekend :)
  8. Well here's my design brought to life. I know the camera is a bit big, but it didn't cost me a cent, and I don't really care if it gets damaged. (Looks smaller in person anyway) Doesn't obscure my vision of anything except the speedo a little either. It could be moved further up easily as well.

    Will grind those bolts off when I get a chance.

  9. Testrun wasn't so good. You can see there the camera bracket attaches to the U-bolt, it slips down with vibration, otherwise all good.

    Tank camera would be much better for vibration though.

    Will fix the slipping problem, by attaching the U-bolt with one nut, and using a second hard up against the camera bracket to lock it in.
  10. This the one I made a couple of months ago. A couple of bits of aluminium that I had, bent, filed and bolted together. Only thing I had to buy was the longer bolt that goes in the filler. I didn't put it on for the pic, but you get the idea. :wink:

    Took me all of 30mins including test run to make sure it worked OK. :grin:
  11. Ah, very nice. Nice and stable, should be solid too!

    Won't that cause problems with the tanks rubber mounting? Bolt at the front of the tank is usually hard into the frame, while the filler bolts are attached to the tank which is mounted on rubber blocks/bushings normally? Though about this last night, although i don't know how much difference it would make.
  12. mrx78u try putting some rubs under you mount will give a bit more grip to the fairing brace
  13. The only thing I'd be worried about is the bolts shaking loose and it spinning around (because there's a heavy weight on the free end) and smashing into the tank, putting scratches/dents in the tank. I'd be working out how to use at least 2 bolts.