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new project sold in 2 weeks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiprat, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. 2 weeks ago i was told by a mate that he knows of a old triumph for sale ,i go and meet the old girl elaine who is selling this 1956 triumph , it turns out that it was her partners bike who was verry near death with cancer,i picked it up for $1500 dollars ,she tells me the money will help pay for the old boy to be pute to rest when the time comes , any way i get the triumph going and cleanned up , i went for a ride around the block s few times to see how it rides and some guy waves me down ,he wants to buy the bike as is ,it still needs work ,paint chrome, brakes ect ect , i sold it yesterday for $5600 dollars .so this mornning i went to see the old girl that sold me the bike ... my wife handed her another $1500 dollars, the old girl was so happy she was crying,its the best feelling i have felt for a long long time .when my wife first said you might want to think about giveing elaine some of the proffit i had to think long and hard about it ,,,,it was the rite thing to do ,i still made over$2000 for 2 weeks of playing with a bike just for fun .now looking for the next one to do ,,,

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  2. good work bloke. Made a profit and still made someones day.
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  3. This is the best news/story ive heard in ages...............your a hero bro. Great to see kindness is still around.
  4. You're an absolute amazing pair of people!!
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  5. hope you're on the receiving end of some of that awesome karma you're due tiprat :)
  6. thank you - faith in humaity restored.
  7. Righteous fella !
  8. good on ya's - i understand it's hard to part with such an amount of money in this day and age but you still did the right thing...
  9. Don't suppose you had time to take some pics
  10. what I call a win-win. goodonya:)
  11. What a nice story.
    Well done bro,

  12. nice work mate
  13. Good work mate! You've bought yourself years of safe riding with that effort!
  14. i will post some photos of the bike before and after i got it going and cleanned up in afew days when my wife is back home ,she has the camera with her ,she hasent down loaded the photos to the computer yet
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  15. What a great post..........there might be hope for us yet.......

    Good on ya mate......top bloke
  16. That made my day... good on ya!
  17. Great story. Should be more like them.
  18. Good stuff, Tiprat! Have the photos come home yet? Please show us!
  19. You're a class act! :5s:

    We should all follow in your footsteps and the world would be a better place!