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New product - Liquid Image 727 Ego - $199 INC delivery

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. These have just come out onto the market in limited numbers, the stores I have been to have them in only white ATM but this will soon change, the only places I know that have/had them were AMX Bayswater and Jeffery Honda Motorcycles, and they all only got one each (I got AMX Bayswater's only one). The other AMX stores probably got them too, call to see if they're in stock.

    They're 1080P, wide angle lens, come with an 3M adhesive mount for tank/helmet mounting, a spare double sided 3M adhesive pad, USB cable, a dust proof/water resistant front and side protector (will also block wind noise), and WiFi streaming to your Android/iPod/iPhone built in (a $150 accessory on the GoPro). It says somewhere in the manual something along the lines of "dispose of battery properly" so the battery must be replaceable too. It accepts class 6 and above microSD cards up to 32GB which should be good for at least 5 and a half hours of recording in 1080P mode.

    It has three recording modes, 720P, 1080P, single still image capture and multiple still image capture, not sure how many frames a second.

    I have shot video with mine and the quality is very good, about on par with the Go Pro. It automatically records the video to two files, one full size and the other smaller size for easy uploading to Youtube, the smaller video file size is 6% of the full size video file.

    Best of all, they are only $199 (inc delivery if you buy from Jeffery Honda's ebay store), so you save over $190 when you take into account the built in WiFi streaming (although the unit does not come with a fully water proof case, this is available as an optional accessory, no information on accessory prices yet).

    As a disclaimer, I'm in no way affiliated with the manufacturer or any seller/distributor (this post would be way more professional if I was!).

    Link to buy off Jeffery Honda:

    I'll upload a video of the streaming app working soon.
  2. Looks pretty good, I couldn't find a list of 'official' specs to see what the weight/dimensions of one of these cameras but they look good.

    With the WiFi it seems that when you go into recording mode it stops the WiFi which is probably good for battery life I'm guessing but then as I saw on one of the Youtube videos they said a feature not implemented is remote turning start/stop recording which could be good - they did respond saying this is the first generation of camera so there could be a new firmware which could perhaps have the option to do so.

    They said some of the GoPro mounts are interchangable

  3. yeah,
    heard of them a while ago,
    i believe peter stevens plans on getting some in
  4. Good find
  5. So I managed to download the ActionConnect app to install it, but it doesn't seem to work with my phone. I can connect to the camera and change the settings, but when I press shoot the app exits. I have contacted tech support about this issue as well as the app being listed as incompatible for a lot of phones, they did say they have lots of features planned for the next firmware upgrade, hopefully this will include changing the app to include a proper compatibility list and compatibility with my Huawei Ideos 8150 runing Android 4.0.4.

    For those who have issues downloading the app (I could only download it by tricking the google servers into thinking I have a Samsung Galaxy S), I have uploaded the APK here:
    Click on the big green Download button.
    Now it may or may not fully work with your android phone. Anyone who has one of these cameras or buys one soon, give it a whirl and post up a video of the live stream of video on your phone.
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    Here's a sisde by side test I did
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    Fantastic effort....

    If anything I think the colour saturation and sharpness has better reproduction on the Liquid Image.....very impressive (y)
  8. Watching the power lines says it all really. At first I didn't notice them on the GoPro side but realised it was because the camera was blowing out the sky and struggling with the resolution (not helped by youtube compression). The Ego had quite a bit of artifacting around the wires but the overall contrast range and audio quality was so much better.