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New posts since last visit option

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Does this forum have an option whereby a user can display only new threads that have had posts since their last visit? For example, the MRA forum website has this feature. I think it uses the same software as this (not sure). If it does, can this feature be enabled?


  2. yes
    there is look at the front page and see the little bit at the top that says number of new topics?
    Thats it there
    click on it. and all will be revealed.
  3. I'd like to see the ability to choose the number of hours/days since option that most other forums have.

    Comes in handy when you accidently kill off IE and it resets your cookies and zero the last visit time & date.
  4. The MRA and Netrider forums use the same forum system, phpBB, however netrider seems to use a newer version so everything I posted about it in the MRA Yahoo groups applies here but just in a slightly different spot.

    This kind of thing is a standard feature of online forums just a matter of working out where it is in each system.

    Slightly edited from what I posted to the Yahoo group so it applies to netrider.

    In addition to that you can use the search feature to list all the posts over certain periods if you happen to be kicked out of your browser before you were able to review all the new posts. Best way to do it is to click on the "Search" link at the top of each of the forum pages put an * into the "Search for Keywords:" text box and change "Search previous:" dropdown box from "All Posts" to however many days you desire. The other thing you might like to play with is the "Display results as:" drop down so that either threads or posts are listed on hte results page.
  5. Ah ha.

    Knew it had to be in here somewhere, it's just other forums have it out in the open and not hidden away in the search page.
  6. Its always in the search page because that is exactly what you are doing......*some* forums do have a shortcut to the search in the main menu but it is still a search
  7. A couple of things that would be handy (although I don't know if phpBB supports them) are "subscribe to thread option" and "my recent thread participation".

    As it stands if the thread goes off the latest posts list then one needs to go searching through the forums to reply.

    (Yes I'm lazy and mostly just reply to the latest posts threads :)
  8. Just under the Post Reply button in the bottom left of the page is a link of "Stop watching this topic" or "Watch this topic". If you start watching a thread, your email address is valid and you elect to have a notification sent to you then when someone posts in that thread again you will receive an email.

    Also on the main forum page there is a link called "you have written x messages." (where x is the number of post you have made). If you can't find it then below is the URL
    This will list all the threads you have posted in in chronological order. However for the purpose you mentioned its just as easy to use the "x new messages" list I mentioned above. You can also recreate that same search by setting up the appropriate parameters in the Search page (i.e. put your name into the author box)