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New Postie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jigme, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hey
    Just started my first day as a postie today.
    Many posties on netriders? I'd be surprised if there weren't.

    I'm in the Palmyra DC in Perth.

    Catch ya round
  2. I wish i was sometimes, looks like a pretty good job!

    Congrats on the new job mate.

  3. Good on ya mate, congrats on doing what you enjoy. Watch out for cars reversing :wink:
  4. Until it starts to hail! :LOL:
  5. well done mate!!!
  6. :rofl:

    Honestly, it seems the first year or two has a really high turnover rate, but after that they stick around for aaaaaaaages. Wonder if it takes the gloss off bike riding for you?
  7. So you're going to try and race me at lights?

    LoL the rest try ;)
  8. Hey ex postie here from Darwin MC
    and then moved into being a Mail Officer which I found much more interesting as I worked in all areas of Aussie Post including helping out in the customs area :wink:

    I have moved into Government since moving down to Melbourne late last year as Melbourne MC couldnt offer me the same rewards

    Enjoy your time with Aussie Post as in the scheme of things they really are a great employer and I miss working with the Darwin crew immensily

  9. My brother's a postie but reckon's the pay is a joke - need 2 shifts to make a decent wage. Also reckons his supervisor is a pr!ck - harping on about doing it quicker etc. Great to be outside though.
    Are you allowed to wear your own boots/helmet if you want? Brother's not allowed.
    Congrats on the job - hope you enjoy it.
  10. Woot go Perth netriders!

    If you ever a see a yellow gt250r (when it gets repaired lol) with a P plate, gimmi a wave so i know its you :D
  11. congrats are in order, i guess.

    riding is the easy part.

    give it some time before they start bitching about your sort rate and whatnot and you may not like it so much. oh, and the pay... :-#

    PPE is provided. they take OH&S very seriously.

    don't try to fight "them" on anything however illogical it may be. just bend over and smile :wink:
  12. ROFL oh you have said everything I wasnt going to come outright and say its also why I moved over to Mail Officer.
    BUT Darwin did treat their workers a lot different to what I experienced down here in Melbourne........
  13. I was a night sorter for nearly six months. I got sick of the hours. They do biatch about sort rates. Even though I was on my Ls, they wanted me to apply for a postie job. The hours would have clashed with my other job. Once I paid off my major bike expenses, I was able to ditch my 2nd job and get some sleep. Good people to work with. After survivng the first 3 months, they'll give you lots of clothing.

    October and December are the worst months in terms of work load. Lots of overtime during those months. January is nice and easy.
  14. What's the pay rate for being a postie?
    I've been considering another job for quite some time as I'm getting fed up with my current job.
    Saw a large advert in the papers a while ago and was thinking about it.
    Just wasn't sure about having to wake up mornings etc. I'm more a night person.
  15. that's a shame. a true sign of real problems.

    you know there's a saying police use 'going postal'. it means to walk into a building with a gun a pop people off.

    happens more often in a post office by a postal employee than any other building.

    not trying to frighten you, it's an amercian thing. postal workers here don't know about it. i can't even joke to them about it without having to give an explanation.

    enjoy your new job. i hope they treat you right
  16. Yep, im a postie too. :)
  17. take a looksee here.
  18. :-#

    all i'm gonna say is welcome to "Stalag 13!"
  19. My dad's a postie here in Canberra. Loves the job but management is fooken shocking. Rather than hire extra staff, they just make many people go on overtime. Dad's been made to do 105 overtime nights this finanical year to date. Just hard to understand why they wouldn't hire another postie fulltime, rather than paying someone double pay and grinding them into the ground. Also, when they've been hiring new staff they've been starting them at 6.45 instead of 6 to avoid penalty rates in the afternoon, but again, not enough staff to handle the workload. Sh!ts me how they're treating my dad. Hopefully the management in your area works a whole lot better.
  20. I was. :)